Monday, 4 August 2014

Warm Thoughts (formerly Dad Punchers)

Hey Mary!

Warm Thoughts (formerly known as Dad Punchers) are from Los Angeles, California, and started in 2010. This is the side project of Elliot Babin, best known as the drummer of Touché Amoré. However, he sings, plays guitar, and writes songs in Dad Punchers. Their sound is also radically different, with this band being in the punk/emo/indie vein. A lot of nostalgia, catchy loose hooks, with a lazy melodic tone. They are akin to bands such as Tigers Jaw, Joyce Manor, Into It. Over It., and You Blew It! So far they have an LP, an EP, and a split. If fun slacker/bummer punk sounds appealing to you, then check this band out. Enjoy!

1. Tire Swing
2. Redwoods
3. E. Coli
4. Post-Coital Disease
5. Morningside
6. Dirty Dishes & The Mold
7. Cul de Sac
8. Bug Flipper
9. Backstock
10. Rom Com
11. Self-Loathing

1. Everything Must Grow
2. Respiratory
3. Instant Stream
4. These Times Weren't Made For You

1. Dad Punchers - But The Damn Thing Has Watched Us This Whole Time
2. Dad Punchers - Your Hair Cut Man
3. The Exquisites - Setting Sun
4. The Exquisites - Walk Around

1. Intangible
2. Today Is The Day

1. Romance Novelist
2. Sunbleached And Yellowed
3. Airport
4. Precipitation
5. Intangible
6. Waiting For Me
7. The Pier
8. To Talk At
9. Your Haircut Man
10. A Memo Off To Me From My Future Self


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