Wednesday, 13 August 2014


Thanks to Jacob Shumaker for the help with this post.

Bane are a five-piece hardcore punk band from Worcester, Massachusetts formed in 1995. They were initially formed by guitarist Aaron Dalbec as a side project to Converge, who was a member of at the time. Converge guitarist Kurt Ballou even played their first few shows as well. They didn't release their first full-length until 1999, after a slew of 7"'s (all compiled on Holding This Moment). Since then, they've only released three other full-lengths. Though they have a limited output of releases, they've continued a relentless touring schedule with an intense, vigorous live show. Early in their career they claimed straight edge, though don't identify with it anymore. However, they do promote unity and tolerance and the ideals of it within the hardcore scene. The band just released a full-length, Don't Wait Up, this year. They've billed it as their final album but will continue to tour. These guys are one of the most essential hardcore bands, so get into it. Enjoy.

1. Lay The Blame
2. Scared
3. Truth Inside
4. Reckoning Day
5. Both Guns Blazing

1. In Pieces
2. Count Me Out
3. Both Guns Blazing
4. Superhero
5. At Best
6. Scared
7. Forked Tongue
8. Every Effort Made/Lay The Blame

Note: Compilation of early 7"'s

1. Fuck What You Heard
2. Struck Down By Me
3. (Intermission 1)
4. The Paint Chips Away
5. My Cross To Bear
6. What Makes Us Strong
7. Can We Start Again
8. I Once Was Blind
9. (Intermission 2)
10. Place In The Sun
11. Her Lucky Pretty Eyes
12. A Bridge Too Far

1. Bane - You Wrote This Song For Me
2. Bane - Broke Wide Open

1. Speechless
2. Some Came Running
3. Snakes Among Us
4. Release The Hounds
5. What Holds Us Down
6. Ante Up
7. Bang The Drum Slowly
8. Sunflowers And Sunsets
9. Big Gun Down
10. Ali V. Frazier I

1. Woulda Coulda Shoulda
2. Pot Committed
3. One For The Boys
4. Hoods Up
5. End With An Ellipsis
6. My Therapy
7. Don't Go
8. Wasted On The Young
9. What Keeps Us Here
10. Swan Song

1. The Bold And The Beautiful
2. As The World Turns
3. The Guiding Light
4. Another World
5. One Life To Live
6. The Young And The Restless
7. Enjoy (Bjork cover)

Note: Compilation of "world series" 7"'s

8. Satan's Son

1. Non-Negotiable
2. All The Way Through
3. Calling Hours
4. Park St
5. What Awaits To Now
6. Hard To Find
7. Lost At Sea
8. Post Hoc
9. Wrong Planet
10. Final Backward Glance


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