Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Michael Cera

Yes, that is George Michael. Yes, that is Scott Pilgrim. Yes, that is none other than Michael Cera. The pathetically awkward but loveable actor who has appeared in every single one of your favourite movies. He dropped an album on his Bandcamp a few days ago. And holy shit, it's actually pretty good. He takes a lo-fi, experimental approach to indie folk music. He makes full use of acoustic guitars, pianos, synths, and numerous samples, plus distant, warbly vocals. Most of these tracks sound like quick demos of ideas (a lot are instrumental), though most are interesting and benefit from their brevity. He delivers quite a few standout songs, which are catchy, melodic, and distinct, showing off his songwriting skills in addition to the experimentation. Overall this thing is fucking great, both as a novelty and a legitimate album. Just listen. He also played in a band called The Long Goodbye, so you might want to go give them a listen as well. Enjoy.

1. uhohtrouble
2. Moving In
3. Clay Pigeons - Blaze Foley cover
4. What Gives (...I can't live like this)
5. Of A Thursday
6. Too Much
7. Steady now
8. Gershy's Kiss
9. Humdrummin
10. 2048
11. Ruth
12. Old Grey Whistle
13. Brat
14. ohNadine  (you were in my dream)
15. Sexy Danger
16. Kettle
17. Smoke Eyes
18. Those Days
19. Play It Again - Roderick Falconer cover
20. Cher holders
21. silent struggle (I was blind)