Sunday, 24 August 2014

Moving Mountains

Moving Mountains are a four-piece post-rock/indie/post-hardcore band from Purchase, New York. They started out as a two-piece project involving singer/guitarist/songwriter Gregory Dunn and drummer Nicholas Pizzolato. They recorded one album, Pneuma, together. It was monumentally impressive, especially considering it was written, performed, and produced by two people who weren't even 20 yet. After it got major positive reception, they added two more members to round off a full line-up and tour with. Their second album Waves came out of this, which garnered them even more attention. Two years after it, their self-titled album came out, and they went on hiatus, which has continued indefinitely.

The band is often compared to The Appleseed Cast, and it's obvious why. Both bands incorporate tons of post-rock elements, from their crescendos to their guitar sounds and effects. Their songs are epics in proportion, with emotionally strained climaxes and melodic quiet sections, in additions to numerous ambient volume swells. Moving Mountains also have some aggressive and complex moments, especially on Waves. They use heavier guitars and more technical riff-oriented parts,  along with some occasionally screamed vocals. This shows their more post-hardcore influenced side. Their self-titled is much more relaxed, using lots of acoustic guitars and slower song caked in reverb. Pneuma is golden. Everything from post-hardcore riffs to ambient tracks to acoustic singer-songwriter tracks; long songs, short songs, everything is on it. And they manage to tie it all together thematically, soundwise, and they managed to create a cohesive work of art from beginning to end. They have two EP's, Foreword, which is very post-rock exclusive, and New Light, which is more acoustic-oriented. Below is their three full-lengths and two EP's. Enjoy!

1. Aphelion
2. Cover The Roots, Lower The Stems
3. Alastika
4. Fourth
5. 8105
6. Bottom Feeder
7. Sol Solis
8. Grow On, Grow Up, Grow Out
9. The Earth And The Sun
10. Ode We Will Bury Ourselves

1. Foreword
2. With One's Heart In One's Mouth
3. Armslength
4. Lights And Shapes

1. My Life is Like a Chase Dream (and I'm Still Having Chase Dreams)
2. Where Two Bodies Lie
3. Tired Tiger
4. The Cascade
5. Once Rendering
6. Always Only For Me
7. Alleviate
8. Parts In Different Places
9. Furnace Woods
10. Full Circle

1. Alleviate
2. Ode We Will Bury Ourselves
3. Where Two Bodies Lie
4. 8105

1. Swing Set
2. Burn Pile
3. Hands
4. Seasonal
5. Eastern Leaves
6. Hudson
7. Under A Falling Sky
8. Chords
9. Apsides

1. Moving Mountains - Abby Normal
2. Moving Mountains - Deathless
3. Prawn - Slopes
4. Prawn - Seas



  2. Thought I would post this as well. Its the bands 2006 Demo which was recorded prior to Pneuma.

    01 Perihelion.mp3
    02 Alastika.mp3
    03 Sisyphus.mp3
    04 8105.mp3
    05 Xanadu.mp3
    06 Sol Solis.mp3

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