Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Polar Bear Club

Here's a band that's been requested a few times. I can't believe I haven't posted them on here earlier, actually. They could be one of my favourite modern bands, and have been for a long time now. They almost embody everything that the bands I post on here have, that's how awesome, representative, and diverse they are. I'm not sure why there's an introduction to this post, but it's certainly deserved, because Polar Bear Club are an amazing band.

Polar Bear Club are a five-piece post-hardcore/pop punk/indie band from Rochester/Syracuse, New York that formed in 2005. They signed to Bridge Nine in 2009. Since their inception, these guys have just been "killin' it". Everything they do is unbelievable. They're a powerful live band, an endless supply of mind-blowing recorded material, and super consistent in both. The band's sound is quite distinct. The vocals are harsh, but always carry strong melodies, and sometimes break into a more softly sung voice. The songs are super catchy, even with the melding of different instrumental bits. The band is certainly technically proficient, and often show it off, while remaining incredibly tight. They know how to play, how to write a song, and to fucking perform it. Their energy is unmatched. So check them out if you haven't, this is one band you don't want to miss out on.

1. To The Engravers
2. Let My Dry Eyes Play
3. Overflow
4. Adam O
5. Instrumental

1. Election Day
2. Resent And Resistance
3. His Devotee
4. Parked In The Parking Lot Of Your Heart
5. Most Miserable Life

1. Eat Dinner, Bury The Dog, And Run
2. Hollow Place
3. The Bug Parade
4. Another Night In The Rock
5. Burned Out In A Jar
6. As 'Twere The Mirror
7. Tried
8. Our Ballads
9. Heart Attack At Thirty
10. Convinced I'm Wrong

1. Living Saints
2. Dead Man
3. Boxes

1. See The Wind
2. Living Saints
3. Boxes
4. Take Me To The Town
5. Drifting Thing
6. Light Of Local Eyes
7. Song To Persona
8. The Old Fisher Burial Ground
9. One Hit Back
10. Chasing Hamburg

1. Drifting Thing (Team Goldie Remix)

1. Killin' It

Full comp here

1. Killin It
2. Screams In Caves
3. Close Knit

1. Pawner
2. Killin' It
3. Screams In Caves
4. Kneel On Nails
5. My Best Days
6. Life Between The Lines
7. I'll Never Leave New York
8. Bottled Wind
9. Slow Roam
10. Religion On The Radio
11. 3-4 Tango

1. The Wonder Years - Anchor (Into It. Over It. cover)
2. Polar Bear Club - Skipping Stone (Transit cover)
3. Transit - Resent And Resistance (Polar Bear Club cover)
4. The Story So Far - Wrightsville Beach (A Loss For Words cover)
5. A Loss For Words - Quicksand (The Story So Far cover)
6. Into It. Over It. - Don't Let Me Cave In (The Wonder Years cover)

1. Burned Out In A Jar
2. Light of Local Eyes
3. Drifting Thing
4. Screams In Caves
5. Living Saints
6. Bug Parade
7. Slow Roam
8. Hollow Place
9. Left And Leaving
10. Religion On The Radio
11. His Devotee
12. At Your Funeral
13. Convinced I'm Wrong

1. Blood Balloon
2. Graph Paper Glory Days
3. So I Buy
4. For Show
5. Siouxsie Jeanne
7. Chicago Spring
8. When We Were College Kids
9. Twang (Blister Burn)
10. Upstate Mosquito

4. New Hollywood

Note: Full comp here


  1. Yes, Thank You for Sharing This energized band ... Like it a lot !


  2. I don't know if anyone here cares about "punk"/"thrash" music but if you could compile the Bones Brigade albums and Abrasive Wheels I would greatly appreciate it, and if you don't want to publish it but are able to acquire them just lemme know and I'll snag them outta drop box or something THANKS

  3. Request: Front Porch Step

  4. have you ever done a neck deep post? i would love it if you made one thank u a lot!

  5. request: pentimento!

  6. Request: Into It. Over It. Please!!!!

  7. All Get Out, Pentimento, No Bragging Rights, Turnstile.

  8. i have TWO requests, if thats okay:
    Give discography AND any end of a year/self defense family that you have. thanks :)

  9. Request: Koji, Best Coast

  10. request: Bad Books

  11. Request: Front porch steps c:

  12. I have all the Front Porch Step stuff if you're interested.

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  15. Oops, I just realized I wasn't logged in when I posted lol. Since you've provided me with a convenient place to find a shit load of stuff so I don't have to spend hours searching for it I think it's only fair I offer to give back. I have a bunch of stuff you may be interested in or may want to help round out some of your collections;

    Front Porch Step - [2012] Island Of The Misfit Boy, [2012] So Help Me God, [2013] Aware, [2014] Whole Again

    Transit - [2011] Promise Nothing, [2011] Listen & Forgive (I noticed your link wasn't working the other day),

    Knuckle Puck - [2008] Knuckle Puck (Demo) (Low quality [192kbps] but I'm pretty sure I have the only copy on the internet since they took this off of their bandcamp for whatever reason)

    Major League - [2010] The Truth Is..., [2011] Variables, [2012] Hard Feelings, [2014] There's Nothing Wrong With Me

    Heart To Heart - [2011] Deathproof, [2012] Heart To Heart, [2014] Dulce (Highly recommend this band!!)

    Anyhow, I have a bunch more stuff other than that. Let me know and maybe we can chat and share some stuff.


    1. Hey Ron!

      Wow, that would all be absolutely amazing stuff! E-mail me at sophiesfloorboard@gmail.com and we can talk further!

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