Sunday, 3 November 2013

Have Mercy

Have Mercy are a four-piece indie/emo/punk/rock band from Baltimore, Maryland that began in 2012 and are currently signed to Topshelf Records. The band's sound is quite comparable to many modern-day bands such as All Get Out, Seahaven, Balance And Composure, and Daylight, all of which take their cues from the great rock bands of the 90's, as do Have Mercy. These guys are a great band who sound very tight and mature together considering their very brief lifetime thus far, and they'll hopefully continue to make music as well as they are now. Enjoy.

1. My Oldest Friend
2. When I Sleep
3. Weak At The Knees
4. Let's Talk About Your Hair

1. Level Head
2. The Ancient West
3. Hell
4. This Old Ark
5. Weak At The Knees
6. Let's Talk About Your Hair
7. Living Dead
8. The Gates
9. Cigarettes And Old Perfume
10. When I Sleep

1. Daisyhead - Dishonest
2. Daisyhead - Wonder
3. Have Mercy - Pete Rose and Babe Ruth
4. Have Mercy - Pawn Takes Rook

1. To Coney
2. Two Years
3. Howl
4. The Place You Love
5. Pete Rose And Babe Ruth
6. Spacerafts
7. Plastic Covered Furniture
8. Pawn Takes Rook
9. Inch By Inch
10. Nails And Teeth In Pavement
11. Lean

1. Have Mercy - Two Years (Acoustic)
2. Have Mercy - Somebody's Baby
3. Somos - Streets Upon Streets
4. Somos - Domestic (Acoustic)


  1. Request:Modern Baseball

  2. Request: a great big pile of leaves

  3. request: state champs

  4. request: the hundred acre woods

  5. What quality is my oldest friend? I downloaded it and it doesn't sound like what i used to have :(

  6. what about their first ep?