Saturday, 9 November 2013

Victor! Fix The Sun

Victor! Fix The Sun was a three-piece post-hardcore/screamo band from Michigan that existed from 2003-2011. They took heavy influence from the DC greats such as Q And Not U, Fugazi, etc. I think this band is pretty underrated, since they put out some amazing material, but have never really gotten a ton of recognition for it. So definitely check them out, and spread the word. Their members now play in Jowls, another great band, and Blank States. We is a split with Tanooki Suit, but I only have Victor! Fix The Sun's side. Enjoy.

1. Exhilaration Is The Best Drug
2. Groove Pocket
3. Chatter Box

1. Heartbeat Like Lightspeed
2. Aren't We All Like Montreal?
3. Karma Suits Ya
4. Stay Out Of The Treees!
5. 1 Word, 5 Letters, 4 Reasons
6. A Different Shade of Blue Turned Grayscale
7. A Kissed Fist And...
8. ...Two Fingers Twisted In the Middle

1. My Friend The Guru
2. We Come from the Northwoods
3. Paperthing Feather F
4. Blind Man's Bluff
5. Person Place or Thing
6. Infested, Mother Approved


  1. Some Polar Bear Club would be cool!

  2. Yes! Thanks for posting this, I haven't listened to these guys in years.

  3. I'd love to see you guys post some Midtown, the pop-punk band that the lead singer of Cobra Starship originates from.

  4. I second Polar Bear Club. Also, Turnstile, No Bragging Rights, Mansions, Old Gray, and Stick-Up Kid would be rad!