Thursday, 7 November 2013

Funeral Diner

Funeral Diner were a a legendary screamo band from Half Moon Bay, California that existed from 1998-2007. These guys were incredibly active during their time as a band, with constant releases being put out on and an endless touring schedule. They've also proven to be one of the most influential bands in their genre. They're one of the few bands that really manage to embody every aspect of screamo in their music. They can be chaotic, melodic, emotionally passionate and intense, dark, crushing, dynamic, and hinted at post-rock influences to create songs of epic proportion. The band included former members of Portraits Of Past and Takura among others, and featured members that would later go on to be a part of ...Who Calls So Loud, Stirling Says, Lemonade, and others. In my opinion, they are probably a first-tier essential screamo band, along with Orchid, Saetia, pg.99, etc., so definitely be sure to get into Funeral Diner if you haven't already. Enjoy.

1. Funeral Diner - My Fist Smells Like Graveyard
2. Funeral Diner - We Don't Belong In Concrete
3. Funeral Diner - The Nightbuilders
4. Funeral Diner - Sleeping Boy The Paranoid
5. Funeral Diner - Journeyman
6. Staircase - Escapism
7. Staircase - This Phone Line That Stretches Across Hills And Reservoirs
8. Staircase - Site Of A Train Wreck
9. Staircase - Paper Weight
10. Staircase - In Regards...

1. The Shivering - Bound
2. The Shivering - With The Seasons
3. The Shivering - Someone Inside
4. The Shivering - Bring Me Fire
5. The Shivering - Cease
6. Funeral Diner - Direct Hit
7. Funeral Diner - Easy Chair Method
8. Funeral Diner - Torn Safety Net
9. Funeral Diner - Anemic Bulemic
10. Funeral Diner - Sleeping Boy The Paranoid

1. Syncope
2. Direct Hit
3. Lackluster
4. There Are No Todays Today, So There's No Yesterday's Tomorrow
5. I Wish I Could Do The Back-Stroke
6. Chalk Angels
7. Paper
8. Fire... Deth

1. ...And The Beast Shall Be Made Legion
2. End On 6
3. The Wicked
4. It Burns

1. Lucky Strike
2. I Wish I Could Do The Backstroke
3. Choirs And Cannons
4. Shifting
5. Direct Hit
6. Easy Chair Method
7. Torn Safety Net
8. Anemic Bulemic
9. Sleeping Boy The Paranoid
10. My Fist Smells Like Graveyard
11. We Don't Belong In Concrete
12. The Nightbuilders
13. Sleeping Boy The Paranoid
14. Jounreyman
15. .5
16. Sleeping Boy The Paranoid (Original Version)
17. Pharmacy Rage 

1. Yeah, You Remember That
2. A True Triumph Of Man VS. Machine
3. Welcome To My Book Collection
4. Chameleon
5. Wearing Thin
6. City Of Webs
7. Shifting
8. This Truly Is God's Country
9. Let Me Get A Few Practice Stabs

1. End On End - One Thousand Years And This Still Makes Sense
2. End On End - Street Paved Privilege Not Gold
3. Funeral Diner - This Truly Is God's Country
4. Under A Dying Sun - Pigeons
5. Endzweck - Flower Bouquet
6. Endzweck - Silent Prayer

1. The Saddest Landscape - Spring (Rites of Spring cover)
2. Funeral Diner - Deeper Than Inside (Rites of Spring cover)

1. Dead City - 1600
2. Dead City - Eulogy
3. Dead City - Truth
4. Dead City - Failure
5. Funeral Diner - Let Me Get A Few Practice Stabs
6. Funeral Diner - Wearing Thin
7. Funeral Diner - City Of Webs
8. Funeral Diner - Chameleon

1. Zann - Selbstbetrug
2. Zann - ???
3. Funeral Diner - Lie In Headlights

1. Welcome The Plague Year - We Had Hoped For So Much More...
2. Funeral Diner - Yeah, You Remember That...

1. Raein - This Life My Cage
2. Raein - On Air
3. Funeral Diner - Welcome To My Book Collection

1. Bearing My Shield Or Borne Upon My Shield
2. Under
3. Never To Be
4. For The Beasts
5. City Of Webs (Title Remix)
6. Shifting (Battery Cage "street Arcade High Score" Remix)
7. This Truly Is God's Country (See Colin Slash Mix)
8. Shifting (Midnight Laserbeam Remix)
9. Shifting (Black Van Remix)

1. Decline
2. Collapsing
3. We Become Buried
4. It Is Good That We Never Met
5. Two Houses
6. What Was Said
7. Regardless We Fall
8. We All Have Blood On Our Hands

1. Addendum
2. I Was The Sword
3. Two More

29. Addendum

1. This Wrath
2. Carved From Stone
3. Neither Option
4. Head Of Vecha
5. This Optimism

1. Ampere - Secret Hallways/Sleepwalkers
2. Funeral Diner - I Was The Sword


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  2. I Was The Sword, the last song and in my opinion the best song by this legendary band

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  5. Listening to "The Underdark" and liking it a lot, will explore further, thanks for the opportunity!

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