Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Modern Baseball

Modern Baseball are a four-piece emo/punk/indie/alternative band from Maryland, formed in 2011. They are currently signed to Run For Cover Records.
Modern Baseball is one of the best bands to form in the past 10 years (in my opinion). They're catchy and relatable, capturing aspects of love and loneliness and what it feels like to grow up in this day and age. Definitely check these dudes out if you're a fan of The Front Bottoms, Tigers Jaw, Andrew Jackson Jihad, Joyce Manor, Weezer, Jimmy Eat World, etc., and even if you don't like those bands (which would be seriously weird), download their album "Sports." It's perfect. Thanks Lava!

1. Best Friend
2. Short
3. My Love
4. Casket
5. Home

1. Marietta - Yeah Yeah Utah
2. Marietta - Green Call Her Sims
3. Hope
4. It's Cold Out Here

1. Re-Do
2. Tears Over Beers
3. The Weekend
4. @chl03k
5. Hours Outside In The Snow
6. I Think You Were In My Profile Picture Once
7. Re-Done
8. Cooke
9. See Ya, Sucker
10. Look Out
11. Play Ball!
12. Coals

Modern Baseball/The Hundred Acre Woods (2013)
1. Modern Baseball - (240)
2. Modern Baseball - Re-Do
3. The Hundred Acre Woods - All I Love
4. The Hundred Acre Woods - Left Of The Hill

1. Dikembe - I Watch A Lot Of Jackie Chan Movies (Acoustic)
2. The Hotel Year - Settle The Scar
3. Modern Baseball - Voting Early
4. Old Gray - The Foxes Begin To Starve
5. Empire! Empire! (I Was A Lonely Estate) - The Hour of Pearl
6. Pentimento - It Happens To The Best Of Us

1. Fine, Great
2. Broken Cash Machine
3. Rock Bottom
4. Apartment
5. The Old Gospel Choir
6. Notes
7. Charlie Black
8. Tommy Bowers
9. Going To Bed Now
10. Your Graduation
11. Two Good Things
12. Pothole

1. Best Friend
2. Short
3. My Love
4. Casket
5. Home
6. Hope
7. It's Cold Out Here
8. The Weekend (Demo)
9. Tears Over Beers (Demo)
10. Phone Tag
11. (240)
12. Re-Do (Acoustic)
13. Rock Bottom (Demo)
14. Voting Early
15. Pothole (Demo)
16. Green Eggs and Ham

Note: Compilation album of old songs/demos/b-sides that is only available on CD during their current tour

1. The Waterboy Returns
2. Alpha Kappa Fall of Troy The Movie Part Deux (2 Disc Directors Cut)
3. Infinity Exposed
4. The Thrash Particle
5. ...And Beyond
6. Revenge Of The Nameless Ranger

1. Holy Ghost
2. Wedding Singer
3. Note To Self
4. Mass
5. Every Day
6. Hiding
7. Coding These To Lukens
8. Breathing In Stereo
9. Apple Cider, I Don't Mind
10. What If...
11. Just Another Face


  1. THANK YOU!! may i request one for pentimento???

    1. these guys sound like tom delonge mixed with a silverstein kinda sound

    2. these guys sound like tom delonge mixed with a silverstein kinda sound plus a lil taking back sunday

  2. Awesome! Can you do Major League?

  3. you should definitely update this!

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  5. please post strength in weakness omg

  6. Can i request steady hands it the drummer from mobo

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  8. Wow nice pics you have shared here!!!!

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    1. it's actually on Brendan solo work which he post on tumblr: http://brenbrenn.tumblr.com/post/21004795219/so-here-is-a-free-thing-i-just-did-as-like-a-side

  10. Not to be obnoxious, but can you upload their new Perfect Cast EP? I can't find it anywhere

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  12. Steady Hands is so good you should definitely upload him on here if you have the time! Please and thank you!

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  14. what about their random singles? they literally have a song called "????????".
    Also are you going to add Brendans songs? They don't really count as modern baseball but they sound just as good.

  15. i hate requesting things but if you have time and the resources would you mind posting mobo side projects like slaughter beach dog and broken beak?

  16. Can I get a zip for "Welcome" by Slaughter Beach, Dog? It's Jake's solo project

    1. also want this! ^^^plz

    2. I got ya'll fam

  17. its missing this EP https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eCYKm3odod8

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