Saturday, 2 November 2013

Captain, We're Sinking

Captain, We're Sinking are a four-piece punk band from Scranton, Pennsylvania that began in 2008. They come from the same scene that bands such as The Menzingers, Tigers Jaw, and Title Fight came from. Though they don't get as much as attention as those bands, they certainly should, because they are fucking great. Their energy is so high, yet they still craft excellently written songs with emotional/relatable aspects to them. I guess they are most comparable to The Menzingers, which isn't much of a surprise considering the fact that their vocalist/guitarist (Bobby Barnet) is brothers with Greg Barnett (The Menzingers' vocalist/guitarist). So definitely check this band out. They put out their second full-length this year with Run For Cover, and it is absolutely amazing. Though everything they've done is great, I would recommend checking out Montreal. Even though it's only two songs, those two songs are quite literally flawless. The only release I'm missing from them is their split Spraynard, so if anyone has it, feel free to share. Enjoy.

1. Our Golden Sandals Are Made From The Crowns Of Conquered Kings
2. The Cages Are Empty
3. The Neck Romancer
4. Curse These Long Dancers Legs
5. Mediocrity Is Nothing To Brag About
6. Think Of The Repetition
7. The Mother Daughter Team
8. Breaking The Fourth Wall
9. I'm A Product
10. Are You Calling Me A Sinner
11. Death Of The First Born At The Hands Of The Almighty
12. Like The Gun In Mary Lou's Handbag

1. It's A Trap!
2. Crushed By Milwaukee's Best
3. Swing Your Kami Sword
4. Gunner Merring Will Have His Revenge

1. Timeshares - Woke Up In Grappler School
2. Timeshares - Little Full, Lotta Sap
3. Captain, We're Sinking - Doctors
4. Captain, We're Sinking - Roar Responsibly

1. The Ballad Of Ichabod Crane
2. Manners Are Their Own Reward, Gentleman
3. Foster Brothers

1. Montreal
2. Let's Play Kill The Humans

1. Dowsing - Just Say When
2. Haverford - Memo
3. Run, Forever - Braddock Beach (Full Band)
4. Captain, We're Sinking - Judge

1. Adultery
2. Brother
3. Annina, We Will Miss You
4. The Future Is Cancelled Pt. I
5. Montreal
6. More Tequila, Less Joe
7. Beer Can
8. You Have Flaws
9. Lake
10. Here's To Forever
11. A Bitter Divorce
12. Shoddy Workmanship


  1. Requests: Light Years, Pentimento, Have Mercy, Knuckle Puck, Stickup Kids

  2. I overlooked this band once a while back. Proof there is no harm in giving bands another look.

  3. if you can find a way to link this album (the album with all the demos, b-sides, acoustic renditions, etc

    also check out the singers(Bobby)side project Kalufus

  4. Animals Are Out Link is broken

  5. Could The Animals Are Out please be re-uploaded?