Friday, 10 November 2017

Starry Cat

Starry Cat was a short-lived project whose sole member was Sam Ray, better known as a member of Teen Suicide, Julia Brown, and Ricky Eat Acid. Initially, their sole album was released as a way to raise money to help with Caroline White's surgeries, who was also a member of Teen Suicide and Julia Brown. Post-surgery, this album still stands as another great piece of work in Sam's large output. Sonically, the lo-fi mopey pop songs will come as no surprise to fans of his other projects. I know this thing is old news by now, but if there's anyone who hasn't heard it yet, I'd highly recommend getting on it. Enjoy.

1. possession (quiet)
2. deserve
3. thanks
4. cool
5. you're the reason i believe in ghosts
6. happiness
7. bye
8. i think you're really beautiful
9. starry cat

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