Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Can't Swim

Can't Swim are a five-piece pop punk/post-hardcore band from Keansburg, New Jersey that formed in 2015. Thus far they've put out an EP and full-length (both on Pure Noise), which have fast-tracked them to so massive attention. They play a slightly heavier, indie-centric brand of pop punk that still utilizes the energy, catchiness of its brand, though with a slightly less sunny disposition. Fans of bands like Boston Manor, Daisyhead, Have Mercy, Citizen, Trash Boat, and other like-minded bands will dig this, as I'm sure the many of you who requested them will. Enjoy.

1. Your Clothes
2. Come Home
3. Right Choice
4. Way It Was
5. Death Deserves A Name

1. What's Your Big Idea?
2. We Won't Sleep
3. $50,000,000
4. Friend
5. Quitting
6. Hey Amy
7. Stranger
8. One Shot
9. Kid
10. Show Me
11. Molly's Desk
12. All The Moves We Make Are In The Dark

1. What Have We Done?
2. My Queen
3. "sometimes you meet the right people at the wrong times"
4. Hell in a Handbasket
5. Congratulations, Christopher Hodge
6. Malicious 444
7. Not The Way It Is
8. Amnesia 666
9. Daggers
10. Winter Of Cicada