Saturday, 4 November 2017


Faraquet were a three-piece post-hardcore band from Washington, DC that were around from 1997 to 2001, and played a few reunion shows in 2007. They were a Dischord band, which definitely shows in their sound. Faraquet take the foundation that bands like Fugazi laid, and spun it in their own direction. Instrumentally, they explored complex rhythms, odd chord structures, and off-kilter melodies. In many instances, they border on math rock with some hints of jazz influence. They display some incredible musicianship in creating a unique sound, that fans of the Dischord roster will still surely dig. Only one full-length album was ever released, 2000's The View From This Tower, which contains all their essential tracks. They also released a small amount of singles and one split prior to their full-length, all of which were included in a compilation released in 2008. Enjoy.

1. Cut Self Not
2. Carefully Planned
3. The Fourth Introduction
4. Song For Friends To Me
5. Conceptual Separation of Self
6. Study In Complacency
7. Sea Song
8. The View From This Tower
9. The Missing Piece

1. Parakeet
2. Um Die Ecke
3. The Whole Thing Over
4. Call It Sane
5. Study In Movement
6. Yo-Yo
7. Review
8. Rex
9. Conversations
10. Sea Song


  1. Awesome blog. Maybe you could do anti flag next?

  2. It's nutty how underrated this band is. Any chance you could post up some Medications in the future? Thanks!

    1. Medication's is great, only difference is a single member change right?

      I'd recommend Karate if you like the Faraquet vocalists tone of voice. Though they're more jazzy than punk.

  3. A View form this Tower is literally top 3 post-hardcore records ever for me, right next to Glassjaw's Worship & Tribute and Frodus's And We Washed Our Weapons...

    Honestly a masterpiece.