Wednesday, 22 November 2017


Broadside are a five-piece pop punk band from Richmond, Virginia that have been around since 2010. They've put out three full-lengths since. In terms of sound, they're what you'd expect from a  modern pop punk band. Fans of The Wonder Years, Hit The Lights, Four Year Strong, and (early) Fireworks will probably dig it. I've said it before, but this isn't something I really listen to, so can't say much else. They get requested a ton though, so enjoy!

1. Far From Home
2. The Thrill
3. The Situation
4. Broz Hang Out
5. In Return
6. Smith St.
7. Loose Lips Sink Ships
8. Four Miles Into Jersey
9. Pulling Teeth
10. Maybe Today

1. A Place To Lay Your Head
2. A Better Way
3. Human Machines
4. Playing In Traffic
5. Storyteller
6. Come & Go
7. Coffee Talk
8. The Simple Type
9. Damaged Kids
10. A Light In The Dark
11. Old Bones

1. Hidden Colors
2. Paradise
3. Lose Your Way
4. Disconnect
5. Laps Around A Picture Frame
6. Who Cares?
7. Tunnel Vision
8. Summer Stained
9. Miss Imperius
10. Puzzle Pieces
11. I Love You, I Love You. It's Disgusting

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