Thursday, 18 August 2016


Cerce are a five-piece hardcore band from Boston, Massachusetts that formed in 2011 and broke up in 2013. They played a very raw and energetic form of punk, that was mixed in with a lot of noisy and chaotic elements. Each song is a loaded burst of aggression that takes off as quickly as it ends. The band knocks out a ton of heavy, feedback-fueled riffs topped by these screeching, charismatic female vocals. A notable comparison that tends to be drawn is to Punch, which definitely makes sense; however Cerce at their best are really in their own element. In my personal opinion they put out some of the best hardcore in the past few years, particularly their self-titled EP, which is particularly incredible. They unfortunately didn't last very long though. When they broke up, most of the members started another band called lovechild, while their vocalist went on to start Sisterwives. Enjoy.

1. P.O.N.X.
2. How To Be A Woman
3. Love, Alaska Young
4. Something About A Broken Heart

1. Cerce - D.I.D.
2. Cerce - Direct Tribute I
3. Cerce - Direct Tribute II
4. leer. - Statler
5. leer. - And
6. leer. - Waldorf

1. Weary
2. Choices
3. D.I.D.
4. Direct Tribute I
5. Direct Tribute II

1. Mare
2. Weary
3. Choices
4. Concussion
5. Libel
6. Fornication

1. I Kill Giants - (Feelin' Kinda) Weary
2. I Kill Giants - (Positive) Choices
3. Cerce - L.I.F.E. (Life Instead Of Sleep)
4. Cerce - S.L.E.E.P. (Sleep Instead Of Life)

1. Cerce - Damaged Goods
2. Cerce - Intrusions
3. Cerce - Blossom
4. Stresscase - Lonely Leech
5. Stresscase - In Her Eyes
6. Stresscase - Instrumental
7. Stresscase - Shallow Gasps

1. Untitled 1
2. Love Song
3. Slowdance
4. Untitled 2
5. Replacement Parts
6. Untitled 3
7. Surface Area
8. Sistine Chapel
9. Untitled 4
10. Life Etiquette
11. Blocked Out
12. Untitled 5
13. Harsh Consonants
14. Semblance
15. Ides of March


  1. can you please do flatsound, it'll be great

  2. Holy shit gotta do one for Stresscase. I gotta hear more from those guys

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  4. Thank you so much for this! Cerce really is great

  5. You really have a great blog. I really dig the Chain Of Strength post.

  6. I think you forgot to add a tracklist/link for their split EP with Leer. You posted it already on the Leer discog post a while back