Thursday, 11 August 2016

Arrows In Her

Arrows In Her are a four-piece emo/indie/post-hardcore band from New Jersey that formed in 2012. At the time, they put out this fantastic EP, leaving., which is finally being followed up with a full-length that dropped in July. Needless to say, I'm pretty pumped, since their debut is nothing short of fantastic. They play a midwestern-emo influenced blend of indie and punk that's somewhat similar to bands like Empire! Empire! (I Was A Lonely Estate) and Joie de Vivre. They've got the bright, noodly guitar sounds of a Kinsella band going, but with the upbeat energy of a punk band like Title Fight, or something like that. The vocals and lyrics also deserve a noteworthy mention, since they're incredibly catchy and memorable. Emotional and intricate, Arrows In Her take 90's indie/emo and give it a breath of fresh air, much like the aforementioned bands. Enjoy.

1. everybody is despondent
2. sunlit hallways
3. the plot
4. being and nothingness
5. titled suns go turning
6. leaving.

1. arrows in her - it tired me all the same...
2. arrows in her - and i watched a show about space.
3. Gifts - Strange
4. Gifts - Afraid

1. while everyone is talking
2. revoke
3. go on, tell me about foucault
4. that time you quoted neitzsche
5. wherever you go, there you are
6. it tired me all the same
7. dissonant
8. nausea
9. i watched a show about space


  1. do you have full discography Reggie and the full effect ?? or do you have link download album reggie and the full efect greatest hits 84 87 reissue ??

  2. damn what a cool band thank you sophie!!

  3. Please reup the lp. Cheers for all the work throughout!

  4. Hi <3 Love this band, can u fix the It Tired Me All the Same link please? <3