Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Head North

Head North are a four-piece indie/pop punk/emo band from Buffalo, New York that formed in 2013. They play a melancholic brand of alternative rock that brings to mind other great bands such as Manchester Orchestra, Have Mercy, and Turnover. Head North bring the catchy melodies of a modern pop punk band and combine them with the dramatic dynamics of Brand New. They've got a full-length on the way, so I'll be sure to get that on here as soon as it's released. Until then, here's their discography to date. Enjoy.

1. Doubt & Deadlines
2. Endeavors
3. Tremors
4. Brooklyn's Burning
5. Jake's Apartment

1. A Will Away - Dusk
2. A Will Away - Transparent People
3. A Will Away - Home
4. Head North - In The Water
5. Head North - Poor Posture

1. Brave Hands
2. Bluejay
3. The Planet
4. The Path
5. Old & Grey
6. Windowless

1. Head North - The Bells
2. Head North - Redwood
3. Head North - Willow Tree
4. Microwave - Thinking of you,
5. Microwave - but not often,
6. Microwave - Something Right (Daytrotter Session)

Talks American [The Foundations Cover - Demo] (2016)
1. Talks American (The Foundations cover)

1. God (Bring It Back)



  1. If you guys like this, check out Cedar Kites and The Traditional (both also from Buffalo)

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  3. need more microwave!!

  4. Would you be able to add their new album?

  5. More Microwave please!