Sunday, 7 August 2016

Wild Moth

Wild Moth are a four-piece post-punk band from the Bay Area (San Francisco), California that formed in 2012. They play a dark and noisy style of punk that prominently features loud, angular reverb-laden guitars that are balanced out by the heavy low-end melodies of the bass. The vocals make for some memorable melodies that bring a sense of catchiness to the band's raw energy. Overall, they blend post-punk, indie, shoegaze, and punk together nicely to create a distinct sound that would appeal to fans of classic bands like Joy Division, Sonic Youth, and My Bloody Valentine, as well as modern bands like Creative Adult and Cloakroom. Enjoy.

1. Morning Sickness
2. The Spectacle
3. Guilt
4. (How) Nothing Moves
5. Shape

1. Mourning Glow
2. Patience
3. Prison
4. Relic

1. Behave
2. Souvenir (No Future)
3. Coma
4. Into Your Hands
5. The Dreamers
6. Blossom
7. Turn To Never
8. Spiral
9. Window Grey
10. __
11. Pt. Dume

1. Creative Adult - Ephemeral Thing
2. Wild Moth - Rewind

1. Mirror
2. Gallery of Walls

1. Mirror
2. Gallery Of Walls
3. Silver
4. Thinner
5. Buried
6. V
7. Hello, Star
8. Traces
9. Drain
10. You Found Out

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