Thursday, 25 August 2016

We Were Skeletons

We Were Skeletons were a three-piece screamo/post-hardcore band from Lancaster, Pennsylvania that formed in 2007 and ended in 2013. They're equal parts aggressive and technical, and recall great bands like Hot Cross, Off Minor, and Fugazi. Their earliest works are quite chaotic and explosive, with frenzied guitars and vocals tearing over each other. By their final (and arguably definitive) LP Blame & Aging, We Were Skeletons had established themselves as one of the best screamo bands around. Their dark sound, angular chords and rhythms, blend of dissonance and melody, and tightness as a band had peaked, and the results are incredible. It's one of the decade's best output in terms of screamo, post-hardcore, whatever you want to call it. They were an amazing band, and thankfully put out a decent chunk of music to enjoy for years to come. Enjoy.

1. Accusations
2. Organs
3. Passions
4. Mistakes
5. Sewers
6. Naked As We Came (Iron & Wine cover)
7. Gravesites
8. Floorboards
9. Friends
10. Chemistries

1. 99% Of The Time The Wolves Eat The Children
2. Who Are These Children And Why Are They Calling Me Their Mother?
3. I Am Orchid
4. Merchandise (Fugazi cover)

1. Drawn From The House I've Burnt
2. Exposure To Heavy Metal Causes Whatever
3. Pudge Paws
4. It's Like Science
5. Kids
6. Her Stomach Is A Lioness
7. Bruce Willis Is Dead The Whole Time
8. This Destroys Us
9. Well, I Did Spend A Whole Year In College

1. Florence & Libby - That's Where The Feathers Came From
2. Florence & Libby - Sunrise, Atlantic
3. Florence & Libby - Worth The Drive
4. Florence & Libby - These Days
5. Florence & Libby - Eggplant Caponata
6. Kids - Tony "Rocky Horror"
7. Kids - Crow Hobble (I Got This)
8. Kids - 24
9. Kids - I'm Sorry I'm A Creepy Fuck
10. Kids - Life Is A Grave, Dig It
11. Kids - My Man, The Girl
12. Kids - Our Backlash To The PC Hysteria Is Not A Fucking Joke
13. We Were Skeletons - Moleman Punched A Cop
14. We Were Skeletons - Weekend At Molemans, Pt. 2
15. Paxton - My Fallback Career As A Professional Wrestling Referee
16. Paxton - Tecmo Superbowl
17. Paxton - Caribou Queen
18. Paxton - Positive Life Choices

Note: We Were Skeletons tracks only

1. We Were Skeletons - Wolves
2. We Were Skeletons - The Ghost Of Jean Glam
3. мища  - A Midwinter Night's Dream
4. мища - ...At Least We Got Capri Suns

1. The Saddest Landscape - Shifting My Clarity
2. We Were Skeletons - No Funeral
3. We Were Skeletons - Medication

1. Wolves
2. The Ghost Of Jean Glam
3. No Funeral/Medication
4. Moleman Punched A Cop
5. Weekend At Molemans, Pt. 2
6. Who Are All Of These Children And WhyAre They Calling Me Their Mother?
7. Summerholidays vs Punk Routine (Refused cover)
8. Dead Things
9. Merchandise (Fugazi cover)

1. Ruined/Wasted
2. Long Night
3. King Of Tricks
4. The Buried Seat
5. Blood Tongue
6. Disease Artist
7. End All Suffering
8. Blame & Aging
9. Appear, Disappear
10. Slow Death
11. Tremors
12. Pain Is Not The Cleanser
13. Haunting The Ghost


  1. awesome band, thanks for posting

  2. Blame and Aging was 10/10 thanks for the upload!

  3. Thank you! Could we get reggie and the full effect please??

  4. aye! thanks. forgot about these guys, still have the saddest landscape split.