Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Paul Baribeau

Paul Baribeau is a folk-punk singer/songwriter from Michigan, though currently living in Indiana, and part of both the Plan-It-X and No Idea Records families. He keeps things sweet, simple, and honest. What more could you ask for? His songs are all about something related to his life, which he conveys in a very relateable and modest way. That's something that I particularly like about him. The songs he writes are awesome, yet never lose the down-to-earth aesthetic of some guy strumming and shouting in his bedroom. Which they kind of literally are. Here's what I think is everything he's put out so far. I'm not certain that I have all the years right, and there are some things that I couldn't find any artwork for. I also can't find the Your Heart Breaks track from his split with them. Any help with any of these things would be appreciated. Enjoy everything else, though:

1. Table Cloth
2. I Thought I Could Find You
3. Only Babies Cry
4. Strawberry
5. Boys Like Me
6. I Miss That Band
7. Brown Brown Brown
8. Never Get To Know
9. Jordan
10. When You Go Back To College
11. Blue Eyes
12. The Pier
13. Help A Kid Out
14. Things I Don't Do

1. Ghost Mice - Boys Like Me
2. Ghost Mice - Table Cloth
3. Ghost Mice - Never Get To Know
4. Ghost Mice - Only Babies Cry
5. Paul Baribeau - The Good Life
6. Paul Baribeau - Undone
7. Paul Baribeau - Ghost Mice Says
8. Paul Baribeau - Dead Flowers And Dirt
Note: Both bands do covers of each other's songs

1. When You Go Back To College
2. I Miss That Band
3. Goodbye 8789
4. Nervous Feet
5. Wishlist
6. Strawberry
7. Talk Normal
8. Brown Brown Brown

Note: This is Paul with a full band (electric guitars, drums, etc.). Some of these songs are different versions of ones from the self-titled.

1. Love To See You
2. My Autobiography
3. Same Thing Everyday
4. Family
5. South America
6. When You Go Back To College (Original Version)
7. Barbarella
8. Braggin' Bout My Seamonster
9. Spring Break (Part 1)
10. When It Snows Outside (Spring Break Part 2)
11. Back To School
12. Winter Sounds Like This Sometimes
13. Paul Says Good-Bye
14. Star Trippin'
15. Convinced Completely
16. Keyboarder
17. Again
18. The Guitars
19. Brown Brown Brown (Original Version)
20. Ghost Mice Says
21. Dragon And Phoenix
22. Bracelet
23. Early In The Morning
24. Thunder Road
25. Premier Recovering Engagements

1. Tablecloth
2. Broken Hearted Boys
3. I Thought I Could Find You
4. Christmas Lights
5. Brown Brown Brown
6. Strawberry
7. I Miss That Band
8. Last Time
9. Never Get To Know
10. Born To Run

1. Christmas Lights
2. Ten Things
3. Nothing To Say
4. Hard Work
5. Falling In Love With Your Best Friend
6. Things I Wish
7. Like Bells
8. Better Than Anything Ever
9. Last Time

2. Paul Baribeau - The Rolling Clouds

1. Does This Bus Stop At 82nd Street
2. Bobby Jean
3. Atlantic City
4. The Ties That Bind
5. Hungry Heart
6. Long Time Comin'
7. Darkness On The Edge Of Town
8. Born To Run
9. Into The Fire
10. Thunder Road
Note: Live and studio covers of Bruce Springsteen songs with Ginger Alford from Good Luck and One Reason

1. If I Knew
2. Through The Wall
3. How Could That Be True
4. The Mall
5. Eight Letters
6. Sand Dollar

1. If I Knew
2. Eight Letters
3. How Could That Be True
4. The Wall
5. Rolling Clouds
6. Blue Cool
7. The Mall
8. Poor Girls
9. Black Strat
10. Wild Eyes


  1. you'll love this, beautiful springsteen covers.

  2. There is also this strange early release of his