Monday, 15 April 2013


Band submission. Baklavaa are a four-piece noise rock/post-punk/I don't know even know how to label this band from Baltimore, Maryland that formed in 2009. They just put out a new LP titled Spiral Cramp. "It's eight songs consisting mostly of noisy sexually frustrated freak-outs.  The instruments were all recorded live in a friend's cabin just outside of the city, vocals recorded in a basement.  We worked really hard on these songs and we're trying to get it out to as many people as we can.  It is currently only available in digital form but 12" vinyl are in the process of being pressed now." They've got an impressive set of influence citations, including Melvins, Cult Ritual, Majority Rule, Shellac, Arab On Radar, Dinosaur Jr., Ween, and Modest Mouse. They've been called "one of the best things happening in Baltimore punk right now" by their local Baltimore City Paper and "Baltimore's favorite weird post-punk band" by Chug Life (both of which must be huge, albeit deserved, compliments since Baltimore's constantly pumping out a ton of great bands). This is really impressing the hell out of me, so I seriously advise checking it out and sharing this stuff.


1. Holy Blood
2. Marijuana Abuse
3. Salsa Shark
4. Return The Nature Find The Real Feel
5. Mysterious Jefferies
6. Handbook For The Recently Deceased
7. Loose Bird
8. The Sleeper

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