Monday, 15 April 2013


Band submission. Lovgun are a "Fast Crust Band, including elements of Punk, Grind, Crust, and Hardcore". It's hard to ignore that description, isn't it? Best of all, they live up to it. They're from Lyon, France, and are a part of the Dirty Seven Conspiracy (a label). They are major advocates of the DIY scene, and share members with Warfuck, Obnoxious, Belladone, Anoia, and Crampest. They put out their first LP last year, titled Bisou. 11  pulverising songs in 11 pulverising minutes, what more do you need? Enjoy, and they "hope your ears will bleed a little bit :)"
1. Elodie
2. Camille
3. Christiane
4. Marine
5. Audrey
6. Virgina
7. Aisha
8. Carla
9. Perrine
10. Alexandra
11. Paranoia Secured (His Hero Is Gone cover)

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