Thursday, 18 April 2013

Earl Boykins

Band submission. "Earl Boykins is a newly formed Fuzzwall// Rock n roll// punk band from Purchase, NY. (This is) our new S/T EP recorded by Legendary producer Joe "PigRectum" Leising. Its loud, fast and interesting, check it out. Its out now on Cassette via Chick Records. We are also going on tour this summer to promote it. Or if you enjoy more of the live feel our first ep, live at the cinema, is also on the bandcamp" Oh yes, this is rock n roll. They've definitely got a garage rock vibe to them, coupled with reverb-laden, heavily distorted guitars, pummelling out Ramones-esque chugging and rattling. The energy that they pour out is undeniable. I'm also sensing a very strong influence from The Stooges, which is absolutely fantastic, of course. The vocals are also charismatic enough to warrant a comparison to the great Iggy Pop, though they are much rougher and looser, but still dynamic and melodic. This band definitely knows how to keep things interesting. Check out both of their EP's, they're great and I guarantee that you will not be disappointed.

1. I Can't Find You
2. Pretty Boyz
3. Terrible Vacation
4. Girls

1. Can't Find You
2. Terrible Vacation
3. Girls
4. Cant' Find You pt. 2
5. Pretty Boys

1. FRIENDS (unmastered)


  1. Link to EARL BOYKINS // CUTTERS SPLIT 7" (2013) not workin'

  2. Any chance you could re-up these? They've only got their last 2 tapes on Bandcamp now (which are fucking great, btw) and I can't find these releases anywhere else.