Tuesday, 16 April 2013


Band submission. "We are CUTTERS, a messy broke-fi space punk band from Brooklyn/Queens/LI/New Paltz. This is our debut EP entitled Trying Not To Die. It was produced by Cody Torlincasi of Nelsonvillains. It'll come out on cassette via Internet Girlfriend Records later this month." I don't know what a messy broke-fi space punk band usually sounds like, but if this is it, then this shit is good. Really melodic, catchy vocals, but with lyrics that touch upon somewhat personal matters. The guitar is really treble-y, and either jangly or noodle-y at times. The bass and drums are really driving, but naturally messy, as expected. I find that to be true for most of what they do. That lo-fi aspect is always present, but it's not so overdone that it comes off as obnoxious and corny. They've got a nice balance between really upbeat punk songs and melodic chill jams, or something. The music has a personality, which I love. I'm getting some serious Wavves vibes from this, and a hint of Modest Mouse for some reason. I don't know. Whatever it is, check this shit out.

1. Pterodactyl (The P Is Silent)
2. Young Gods
3. Beginnings
4. X-Cutioner's Song
5. Excitable Liefeld
6. In Conclusion (Bonus Track)

1. We Are The Quarry
2. Good Morning Boys
3. Savage Nights
4. X-Cutioner's Song
5. Excitable Liefield
6. Young Gods
7. Batman 666
8. I Just Wanted To Walk On The Surface Again 

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