Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Modern Life Is War

So, apparently Modern Life Is War are getting back together and have got a new record coming later this year. If that's true, then FUCK YES. It is here,  they are back, and oh my, is it glorious.

These guys were/are a five-piece (melodic) hardcore band from Marshalltown, Iowa that formed in 2002 and disbanded in 2008. From what's been coming out, they've been working on new material since 2012, but only officially announced their reunion yesterday. During the band's initial active years, they worked relentlessly, touring endlessly and pumping out three amazing full-lengths, put out by great labels including Deathwish and Equal Vision, and an awesome EP, which they very proudly put out themselves. They also put out a live split with Kill Your Idols. They had some serious internal issues apparently, and they had to replace a guitarist and their bassist for their final LP before breaking up entirely. I don't mean to mar their image though. They are an amazing band. Personally, they're a contender for my favourite hardcore band, regardless of decade or era. I don't know even know how to begin describing their sound, since they're more of an experience rather than a sound, as pretenious as that may seem. Jeff Eaton is one of my favourite lyricists and singers ever. He writes these calls to arms and observations that match the anthematic, passionate sound of the band without ever coming across as overbearing or preachy. What he talks about and the way he talks about it are done in a way that everyone can relate to, regardless of what they're into. They're very telling, and equally inspiring. The entire band created amazing music without ever falling victim to trends or clichés, and always elevating the bar on what music and people can accomplish, which only leaves me with the utmost excitement as to what they'll do now that they're back. "So what the fuck are you going to do, kid?" You're going to get into Modern Life Is War.  

1. Destination: Death Or Better Days
2. The Farmer's Holiday Association
3. Fakes Like You (Make Me Sick)

1. Breaking The Cycle
2. Late Bloomers
3. Clarity
4. War
5. Self Preservation
6. By The Sea
7. Yesterday's Trash
8. A Tale Of Two Cities
9. Momentum
10. First And Ellen

1. The Outsiders (AKA Hell Is For Heroes Part I)
2. Martin Atchet
3. John And Jimmy
4. Marshalltown
5. D.E.A.D. R.A.M.O.N.E.S.
6. Young Man On A Spree
7. I'm Not Ready
8. Young Man Blues
9. Hair Raising Accounts Of Restless Ghosts (AKA Hell Is For Heroes Part II) 

1. Modern Life Is War - Late Bloomers
2. Modern Life Is War - Nervous Breakdown (Black Flag cover)
3. Kill Your Idols - Fur Is For Fucks
4. Kill Your Idols - Dread
5. Kill Your Idols - Goodbye My Love, Hello My Friend

1. Useless Generation
2. Screaming At The Moon
3. Stagger Lee
4. Big City Dream
5. Fuck The Sex Pistols
6. Pendulum
7. These Mad Dogs Of Glory
8. Night Shift At The Potato Factory
9. The Motorcycle Boy Reigns
10. Humble Streets
11. Midnight In America

1. Old Fears, New Frontiers
2. Health, Wealth & Peace
3. Chasing My Tail
4. Media Cunt
5. Blind Are Breeding
6. Fever Hunting
7. Dark Water
8. Brothers In Arms Forever
9. Currency
10. Cracked Sidewalk Surfer
11. Find A Way


  1. you should really post some cave in
    or if you havent checked out old piebald piebald used to be a skramz band a really good one at that

  2. Midnight in America is broken :(

  3. simply brilliant, ty for uploading this =)
    love 7. I'm Not Ready from "Witness"