Saturday, 30 June 2018

Slaughter Beach, Dog

Alright, you can cool it with the requests. Finally, here is Slaughter Beach, Dog, the project spearheaded by Modern Baseball singer/guitarist Jake Ewald that began in 2015. To date, he's released two EP's and two full-lengths, all of which have been a fantastic substitute to fill the void left by MoBo's hiatus (even though projects were active at the same time). Ewald's solo material definitely features some of his charismatic writing, with a focus on personal anecdotes involving characters and places. Sonically, he takes influence from the principal singer-songwriters of bands like Pedro The Lion and The Weakerthans. Not much else to say really, he's already established himself as a fantastic songwriter, and this project gives him a more subdued sound to allow his melody and lyrics to flow through. Enjoy.

1. Mallrat Semi-Annual
2. Real Annie
3. Bed Fest
4. Annie
5. Toronto Mug

1. Mallrat Semi-Annual
2. Toronto Mug
3. Monsters
4. Bed Fest
5. Forever
6. Jobs
7. Politics Of Grooming
8. Drinks
9. Toronto Mug II
10. Essex Street

1. Your Cat
2. Glowing
3. 104 Degrees
4. Building The Ark

1. Phoenix
2. Gold and Green
3. Pretty O.K.
4. Bad Beer
5. Shapes I Know
6. Sleepwalking
7. Fish Fry
8. Buttercup
9. Friend Song
10. Acoltye

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