Saturday, 9 June 2018

The Cardboard Swords

The Cardboard Swords are a four-piece indie/emo band from Grand Rapids, Michigan that formed in 2014. A year later, they signed to Count Your Lucky Stars and released a 4-way split and their debut LP with the label. Fast-forward to 2018, and they're back with their sophomore LP, Once More, There Is Nothing Left To Figure Out. The Cardboard Swords play an interesting blend of indie and emo, featuring clean guitars, personal lyrics, and melancholic pop melodies. Fans of a variety of bands, including Marietta, Mom Jeans., The Front Bottoms, Grown Ups, Free Throw and Manchester Orchestra will definitely see the appeal in this band. Enjoy.

1. (S)He Said
2. Nickels
3. Cardigan
4. Flannel (Spoken Word)
5. Remnants Of My Garden

1. Dowsing - Cutoff (Blades, Blades, Blades, & Even More Blades)
2. The Cardboard Swords - How I Met Your Dragon Mother
3. Long Knives - Thaw
4. Sinai Vessels - I Quit The Choir

1. (S)He Said
2. Brian's Song
3. Flannel
4. Exit 47A
5. Cardigan
6. Your Dad Is Kirk Hammett?
7. A Year From Now
8. Nickels
9. I Swear I'm Usually Pretty Good At This
10. Remnants

1. (S)He Said
2. Flannel
3. How I Met Your Dragon Mother
4. Bloody Nose
5. Brian's Song
6. Cardigan

1. I Don't Wanna
2. Disposable
3. I Admit
4. Worse Moments
5. Bloody Nose
6. Odd Dates
7. Hell No
8. BrekFEST
9. Rejuvenation


  1. I benefit from perusing your website. Many thanks!

  2. Just putting this out there that Ty from this band is an abuser and while they were active regularly sexually harassed women, bragged about how much sex he would have with drunk women, and casually confessed to lying to women for sex.

  3. saw these guys so many times while living in gr. ty is a chud piece of shit lol and his music is whiny af...