Wednesday, 11 July 2018


Darkle are a four-piece emo/math rock/screamo band from New Lenox, Illinois that formed in 2015. They play a modern style of emo akin to bands like Prince Daddy & The Hyena and Mom Jeans., but with more experimental elements, and a slightly darker sound than bands like that (as their name might suggest). They play with that mathy/screamy/twinkly blend that hints at some Merchant Ships influence as well, with catchy vocals and despairing lyrics. Their most recent EP, Pain Train, is a loose concept outlining the five stages of grief, with each track offering up a unique tone and eclectic instrumentation which makes for a rollercoaster listen. Definitely good stuff here, highly recommended. Enjoy.

1. Boo hoo Radley
2. Rock! the Dwayne Johnson
3. Context High

1. Welcome to your retirement party, forever
2. I'm definitely cool and not a loser (smoking weed song)
3. Millennial Trash
4. Context High
5. Rock! the Dwayne Johnson
6. Boo Hoo Radley
7. Kinda like kind of like spitting
8. Clonazejam!

1. Not Horrible, Sometimes Unbearable

1. Nothing Like a Good Feeling
2. Eddie Manghetti & The Western Spaghetti
3. Chillantro
4. Loser POV
5. I Refuse To Sparkle


  1. I love this! Thanks for sharing amazing music!

  2. Matt, the guitarist and vocalist, also has an incredible project titled Spaceshow (formerly Amy Bruce Spaceshow) that's definitely worth a listen! Their new music is kind of electronic, but all their material before the last year is top-tier folk punk!

  3. dude dl'ing this shit just cause of the prince daddy shout out they're the tits