Wednesday, 6 June 2018

Kid, Feral

Kid, Feral are a three-piece screamo band from Skövde, Sweden that formed in 2016. Thus far, they've released a demo and a semi-recent LP, put out by two incredible labels (Emo Cat Records and Dog Knights Production, respectively). They play with an incredible mesh of sounds, including shimmering guitar tones, distorted bass lines, chaotic rhythms, and visceral, piercing vocal screams, mixed in with experimental interludes to break up the skramz party.

Their debut full-length, Live and Let's Die! is a must-listen for screamo fans in 2018, this is definitely one of the most varied and exciting releases in recent history. Also, as OMSB pointed out, the Billy Werner/Saetia comparison in the vocal delivery is uncanny, which is certainly high praise. Highly recommended. Enjoy.

1. Like it or not, we're the only game in town
2. Blue eyes white dragon (I'll close my eyes and imagine)

Note: Cassette available from Emo Cat Records here

1. So Much Money in the $kramz Game
2. Sensory Overload in the Afterclass Bathroom
3. Permanently Stuck in Small Town Limbo
4. Where You End Up Is Not Who You Are
5. This System Is a Bunch of Baloney
6. Listen Up You Nazi Fucks
7. Firedragon3651 Logs Out for Good
8. The Smallest of Intermissions
9. Quit Without Saving? (Y/N)

Note: Vinyl available from Dog Knights Productions here: EUINTL


  1. Billy Werner is kind of a stretch but nonetheless, this is good shit.

    Nicely done as always

  2. This RIPS! Thanks dude!

  3. Discovered them a few weeks ago, awesome skramz band. The swedish are making insane music these past few years! Thx for the upload! Cheers!