Tuesday, 5 June 2018


Downcast were a four-piece hardcore band from Goleta, California that were around in the early 90's (unclear exactly what years). They played a riff-heavy intensive style of hardcore similar to contemporaries such as Inside Out and Struggle. They also contained elements of metallic hardcore, particularly in the riffs and throat-burning vocals. Downcast were one of the earliest bands on the legendary Ebullition Records, with their 7" being the label's first release ever, and their LP followed soon after. Enjoy.

1. Hate Comes Easy
2. Schedule
3. Lie
4. Force

1. Everything
2. See
3. They Are Not
4. Lie
5. Schedule
6. Paradox
7. From You And Me

1. System
2. De-Recognized
3. Paradox
4. From You And Me
5. In This Land
6. Grace
7. They Are Not
8. See
9. Privilege
10. Hope

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