Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Tower of Silence

Tower of Silence were a four-piece screamo band from Toronto that started in March and ended in April 2018. This project was conceptualized as a four-piece one-off project that can be best described as a "skramz supergroup", if such a thing ever did exist. It included members of Respire, Foxmoulder, Terry Green, Polina, Seeing Means More, and Fight Fair. They only played one show, and recorded and released one EP. Considering its quick assembly, these three tracks are incredibly solid pieces of dark, screamy hardcore that brings to mind Portraits Of Past (for some reason). Definitely recommended if you're a fan its members other (amazing) projects. Enjoy.

1. October and Her
2. Parade Me Through The City
3. A Long Passage

Note: You can pick up the limited cassette from Mount Seldom Records here

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