Friday, 25 May 2018

Retirement Party

Retirement Party are a three-piece emo/indie/punk from Chicago, Illinois that formed in 2016. Their debut EP, Strictly Speaking came out early last year, and has garnered a ton of attention since then. They play an energetic style of pop punk similar to bands like P.S. Eliot, with upbeat instrumentals and dense lyrics (incredible ones at that, be sure to check them out). Since then, they've joined the already-impressive Counter Intuitive Records roster for their debut LP, Somewhat Literate, which was officially released today. Upon first listen, they've come through with an amazing batch of songs, with some heavier, technical guitar work than their clean emo debut. Retirement Party have an incredible energy, with some exceptional vocals and lyrics. Somewhat Literate came out at the perfect time, and will definitely be getting multiple spins this summer. If high-octane, wordy pop punk sounds appealing, check this band out. Enjoy.

1. My Chapstick Melted In The Dryer
2. Hall Beach
3. Men's Volleyball
4. Meet Me In Montauk
5. Conclusions

1. That's How People Die
2. Scene 48
3. Shoulder It
4. Passion Fruit Tea
5. Truck Stop Casino
6. Are You My Mother?
7. Take Your Vitamins
8. Grand Am
9. The Big Boom
10. Jericho
11. Seams


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  3. can you please do a Naked Raygun post

  4. Found your blog on google while looking for Front Bottoms EP's, and I absolutely love your work here! Cheers from Brazil <3.

  5. yo just found your blog re listening to panuccis, gotta say this will be forever saved to my desktop at work and checked on daily. So much music to catch up on now thanks

  6. excelent! Cheers for Alicante,Spain. And thank you so much for all that wonderful music!