Wednesday, 23 May 2018


Crowning are a five-piece screamo band from Chicago, Illinois that formed in 2016. They play a dark and chaotic brand of screamo in the vein of other incredible bands such as Loma Prieta, Ampere, and Ittō. Their debut five-track EP Funeral Designs was put out last year, and is an absolute crusher of a release. Their follow-up, a new split with Swallows Nest cements their place as one of the best fucking screamo bands around now. All three of these tracks hit immensely hard, with screams coming from every angle courtesy of their multiple vocalists. This split is highly, highly recommended, for both Crowning's crowning achievement of a side, as well as the immense track that New Zealand's Swallows Nest burns through. Undoubtedly this split will be a screamo highlight of the year, so get on it. Enjoy.

1. Funeral Designs
2. Velleity
3. Swivet
4. Exposure
5. Buddy Dwyer

Note: Grab the cassette from Zegema Beach here

1. Crowning - Coil
2. Crowning - Old References
3. Crowning - Nerve
4. Swallows Nest - A Subtle Knife For New Doors

Note: 7" EP available from Zegema Beach here

1. Marée Noire - Laurence
2. Crowning - Julius Breezer
3. Marée Noire - Pervitin
4. Crowning - Narcissus
5. Marée Noire - Toucher La Lune 
6. Crowning - Trakata


Swallow's Nest


  1. Amazing band. Check out my recent video interview with CROWNING at