Friday, 18 May 2018

Sick Shit

Sick Shit are a four-piece hardcore/punk band from New Jersey that have been around since 2015. They play a vicious style of hardcore in the vein of Punch, with some definite powerviolence influence. They incorporate both low guttural growls and shrieking screams in their vocals, as well as some break-neck speed drumming and noisy guitar work. This makes for an undeniably aggressive and whiplash-inducing listen. Their latest EP, Thick Spit is definitely recommended for people who like a little chaos in their hardcore. Enjoy.

1. Organize
2. Parental Transaction
3. Brat
4. Stooped
5. Kids For Cash
6. Playboy
7. Impotence
8. Deepthroat
9. Great Posture
10. Hollow Shell
11. Stock
12. Dirt
13. xDIEx
14. Eulogy
15. NJxHCxNJ
16. Spit
17. Dolly

1. Better
2. Sprawled Out
3. Validation

1. Flocculent
2. Wastrel

1. Discarded
2. Wet Lung
3. Trichtotillomania
4. Cohesive
5. Clot

1. Split
2. Ready To Fight (Negative Approach cover)
3. Good Intentions (Gorilla Biscuits cover)
4. Persevere

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