Sunday, 6 May 2018

Stars Hollow

Stars Hollow is a fictional town in Connecticut three-piece emo/screamo/indie band from Ames, Iowa that formed in 2015. They play a brand of emo with bright, math-y guitar work and screamy, melancholic vocals. They're pretty comparable to early Tiny Moving Parts, with the fantastic songwriting to boot. Their most recent EP, Happy Again is one of my favourite emo releases in recent history. This thing is solid front to back, with some fantastic instrumental play and solid lyrics. Plus, I'm a sucker for conceptual track listings. Highly, highly recommended. Enjoy.

1. Embarrassed
2. Mattering
3. Cicada
4. Drinking Buddies
5. Cloud Envy

1. Stars Hollow - Participation Award
2. Stars Hollow - Good For Nothing
3. Catholic Werewolves - Galesburg
4. Catholic Werewolves - The Kids
5. Internet Dating - Bottle Kids
6. Internet Dating - Jove
7. Employer - Mandatory Viewing
8. Employer - (R)

1. It's not that
2. you won't be happy again
3. ,
4. you just won't be the same
5. as you were before.


  1. haha love the GG reference

  2. Damn I feel like I been played for a fool by the song titles on happy again this feels luke a cheap trick like episode 10 of violet evergarden where they had the montage of that girl growing up receiving letters over the course of her life I was like I won't cry man I'm tough im a man I totes knew this was coming you won't make me feel feelings im too cool 4 that but i ended up subcumming to my emotions just like I felt the song titles resonate with me this id sorcerru