Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Universal Order Of Armageddon

Universal Order of Armageddon were a four-piece post-hardcore band from Baltimore, Maryland that briefly existed between 1992 and 1994, and played a few reunion shows in 2010. Though they weren't around long, they were incredibly influential. Not only as a post-hardcore band, but an early screamo band. They also emerged as one of the most energetic acts in punk as a whole, and an accomplishment like that it's so easily forgotten. Their shows are a thing of legend, often only lasting briefly and featured the band members hurling themselves around the stage in a flurry of unprecedented energy. I guess you could say they were kind of like the Rites of Spring of the 90's, or something like that. U.O.A. were also closely associated with Born Against, who they released a split with and two of their members would also end up playing in for a year. Those two were drummer Brooks Headley and guitarist Tonie Joy, who was also known as the guitarist of the legendary Moss Icon. To return to the topic of Universal Order of Armageddon, below is their discography compilation, which includes all their recorded material. This is with the exception of their demo and one 12", both of which I also included below. It's an incredibly intense listen, so enjoy.

1. Painfully Obvious
2. Act II
3. Mud
4. Close To Far Away
5. The Fence Song
6. The Entire Vast Situation Act I
7. City
8. Desperate Motion

1. Longer, Stranger
2. Desperate Motion
3. Four Measure Start

1. Visible Distance
2. Switch Is Down
3. Stepping Softly Into
4. Clear Set
5. Benedict
6. No Longer Stranger
7. Flux
8. Symptom
9. Painfully Obvious
10. Close To Far Away
11. Entire Vast Situation
12. City
13. Four Measure Start
14. Mud
15. Fence Song


  1. HI! I appreciate all that you do...! Sincerely!

    I'm requesting Songs: Ohia !

  2. Thanks for this, I like both Born Against and Moss Icon so this should be worth hearing.

  3. this band destroyed live. I saw both Born Against and Moss Icon in their days. Born Against, one of my top-5 favourite bands ever, was confrontational. Moss Icon was more subdued and intricate. This band, though, was full on rage pent up energy. Brooks on drums was key. Similar to what he did in Born Against, he set a tone that is unmistakeable. LOVE this record.

  4. I love your blog, really! could you do "Funeral Advantage"?

  5. Such a great band. You're missing at least the demo and the Gravity 12", though. Hit me up here if you need them.