Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Boyfriend Material

Boyfriend Material are a three-piece indie pop band from Gainesville, Florida that was started as a solo project by frontwoman Shauna Healey in 2014. For their first two releases, this project consisted solely of Shauna's vocals and a ukele, which made for some raw, intimate songs that really bring out how good her writing is. Now in 2016, Boyfriend Material has expanded to a full-band project with the release of their self-titled EP. This band crafts bright pop tunes that center on Shauna's vocals and lyrics, which often detail personal stories and feelings. To back her are these lazily strummed guitar chords, along with a very distinct bass sound cutting through providing a heavy rhythm section to counter the pop jangle. They could be loosely compared to bands like Hop Along, Laura Stevenson, and Waxahatchee, or something along those lines. Their self-titled is available for download and on tape over at Community Records, check out the link way down below. Enjoy.

1. 01.
2. Madison
3. Wilson
4. Damien
5. Conor
6. Jason
7. Spaulding
8. Emerson
9. Laura
10. Rosie
11. Nina

1. Lights
2. Hometown
3. Needlepoint & Post Cards
4. Decisions
5. Coast To Coast
6. Scraped Knees
7. Better
8. Small Cups Of Tea
9. Weightless
10. Recovery

1. Small Talk
2. Two Steps Back
3. Good Graces
4. Absentminded

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