Wednesday, 23 November 2016


Eyelet are a four-piece screamo/post-hardcore band from Maryland that formed in 2014. The band combine some incredibly intense screaming with very angular musicianship, while still maintaining an intense and aggressive front. They throw in sporadic melodic parts to break up the constant dissonance, making for some engaging screamo. These guys are without a doubt one band to look out for. They've already killed it with two EP's and a full-length, and are hopefully only getting started. Fans of bands like Loma Prieta and Beau Navire pay attention here, Eyelet are definitely comparable to modern screamo's best. Enjoy.

1. Frail
2. Nike
3. Blush
4. Pizza Cop

1. Browbeaten
2. Worryguts
3. Solely
4. Foolish Hearts Darkened
5. Weak Frames
6. Nervewracker
7. For Pity's Sake
8. Children Of Thunder
9. Limerance
10. A Lesson In Loneliness

1. Blood Is The Weakest Of Bonds
2. Pit Of Despair
3. Knell

1. Gillian Carter - Despair
2. Gillian Carter - Anguish
3. Eyelet - Famine
4. Eyelet - Cowardice


  1. Do you know the old Deep Elm band Red Animal War? They were incredible and I'd love to see if you could find all their stuff. Thanks.