Friday, 25 November 2016

Assfactor 4

Assfactor 4 were a four-piece hardcore/screamo band from Columbia, South Carolina that formed in 1992 and broke up in 1997. They play an intense style of hardcore similar to other underground bands of that era such as Heroin, Policy Of 3, and Angel Hair. Their vocals are just straight-up vicious screams, which is why they are often considered an early screamo band. They put out two full-lengths, a few EP's, and appeared on quite a few amazing comps put out throughout the 90's. Enjoy.

1. Sometimes I Suck
2. Life Of 10 Thumbs
3. E-Rocks New Rock
4. Is Love Just Jive Turkey
5. The Weight
6. Don't Fall In Love With A Drummer
7. Standing On A Crate

1. Why I Walk/Dail Dinwiddle Has A Posse

1. Goodies Power
2. Sob
3. Rubik
4. Sheep Skingraft
5. E-Rocks Newer Rock
6. Thanks, Kelly
7. Mr. McCheekbone
8. Smoked Out
9. Robots

1. Hey Stinky
2. Life Is Wacky
3. I Reckon
4. Mama Yongue
5. Fuck Hate Breeders
6. This Shit Is For The Birds
7. #1 Main
8. Dear Grampa
9. Burger Rock
10. Billy I Got Your Number
11. Dorothy
12. To The Powers That Be
13. Deliri-Loco
14. Can't Fight The Feeling
15. Nuked Up Dreams
16. Rosewood
17. Attempted Control
18. Assfactor 4

1. Forty'd Out And Feeling Gay
2. The Last Starfighter/Tron
3. Leave It To The Beaz
4. Top Ten Wonders
5. White House Is Alright If You Like Saxophones
6. Robots Vers. 2.1
7. Crank Up The 2short
8. Trixxx Of Light
9. What Cost Booty
10. Hairheart
11. Maiden Carolina
12. Leave It To The Jeaz
13. Jarmi
14. Herr Jordan
15. Chickensquash
16. Free Tibet And Pussy
17. C.A.N.D.Y.
18. Bonkee Number Three
19. 'Lil Smokes And Toothpicks

Closed Captioning For The Blind
Bonkee Number Three
Boy Cult Seavers


  1. this band destroyed. they were amazing. and SUPER nice guys.

  2. Best band ever! Members came from Unherd and Tonka and went onto Sled and User Error.


    User Error:

  3. I have their two tracks from the “Nothing’s Quiet on the Eastern Front” comp, a great standalone album in its own right. They are separate recordings from their discography.

    THANK YOU for all that you do! Your blog is beyond amazing.