Thursday, 7 April 2016

The Sky Corvair

The Sky Corvair were a post-hardcore/emo band from Chicago, Illinois that began in 1994 and broke up in 1995, though briefly reformed in 1997. Their discography was compiled and released as a single album in 2001. Though the band is relatively unknown, their members were in some other very notable bands. Their vocalist was Tim Kinsella, who joined The Sky Corvair as a side-project of Cap'n Jazz. He's also known for Joan Of Arc, Owls, Make Believe, you know the bands. Another major member was Bob Nanna, better known as being a member of Braid, as well as Hey Mercedes and The City On Film. Kevin J. Frank and Neil Sandler played in Gauge before this band, and formed Haymarket Riot and Rollo Tomasi respectively after The Sky Corvair ended. There may have been other members, at least a different singer on the last three songs, but I'm not entirely sure because info on them is both scarce and inconsistent. Either way, we've got this album below, which is a great mix of Kinsella's distinct vocals with the intricate instrumentation and off-kilter rhythms that one would expect from the rest of the band. It nicely balances experimentation with musicality, and makes for both a good album and an interesting document in the members' long musical histories. Enjoy.

1. Astaire
2. Ethyl
3. Swallow Water
4. Congratulations, I'm Late
5. Dinky Rope Dog
6. Choking Tonic Soda
7. St December
8. Fifth Grade Tender
9. Iris Is Aching For A Day
10. Carpetbaggers
11. Peppermint Gas
12. Joy

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  1. Extra info: When Tim left the band to refocus on Cap'n Jazz, TSC recruited a guitar player named Alex J. Stisser. Alex replaced Tim for the final 3 tracks on the album, and, since Tim was the main vocalist up to that point, the lead vocals on those 3 tracks were handled by the other members (mainly Bob, if I remember correctly).