Monday, 25 April 2016

Psyched To Die

Psyched To Die were a New Jersey punk band that featured members of other phenomenal bands such as The Ergs! and For Science. They were only around from 2008 to 2010 and put out three great EP's, as well as a compilation that just consisted of all the songs on the aforementioned EP's. Psyched To Die are a solid band through and through; they play with the same energy and melody that a band like the Descendents do. With a roster of amazing musicians, it's no shocker that this band knocked out a slew of amazing songs. Enjoy.

1. Permanent Solution
2. Final Bath
3. Stench Of Defeat
4. Zen And The Art Of Being A Fuck Up

1. Onward Armageddon
2. Permanent Solution
3. Five Year Plan
4. OCD Life
5. New Hampshire Man's Quandry
6. Staged Reality
7. Sterile Walls

1. Scatter Brained
2. Conditioned To Fail
3. Punch Press
4. Admitting Defeat

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