Friday, 8 April 2016

Egg Hunt

Egg Hunt were a two-piece post-hardcore band featuring Ian MacKaye and Jeff Nelson, better known as the founders of Dischord Records and former members of Minor Threat. They recorded a single 7" in London in 1986, which became known as either Me And You or 2 Songs. When they returned to DC, they attempted to turn it into a full-blown project with members of Gray Matter, but ended up averting their attention to two new bands, Fugazi (MacKaye) and Three (Nelson). Regardless, this 2-track EP was released. It was fairly experimental and progressive, and the guitar work is definitely indicative on what would appear on Fugazi's EP a few years later. The second track, "All Falls Down" apparently was a left-over track from Embrace (another band of MacKaye's), and this would make sense, since the vocal delivery is very similar. Something else of random note is the production work on this EP, with the drums and guitars sounding full and nicely reverberated. Enjoy.

1. Me And You
2. We All Fall Down

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