Monday, 25 April 2016


This band has been getting an overwhelming amount of requests, so I couldn't wait any longer to finally get them on here. Pinegrove are a four-piece indie/alternative/emo band from Montclair, New Jersey that formed in 2010. For their first few years, they remained relatively unknown, though put out a slew of self-released material. Then last year, they put out a compilation of all that material, which was later re-released by Run For Cover at the end of the year. Now in 2016, they've put out their technical second full-length, but first with a label (also Run For Cover). They've got a ton of attention in the past year or so, and for good reason. They've got a unique sound that's hard to pin down, though fans of Sorority Noise and Teen Suicide will definitely find some appeal in this band. Even comparisons to bands like Wilco and The Good Life could be made. Just give them a listen, the charismatic appeal is immediately evident. Enjoy.

1. New Friends
2. Angelina
3. Problems
4. Need
5. Overthrown
6. Size Of The Moon
7. Need 2
8. Namesake
9. V
10. &
11. Unison
12. Palisade
13. The Metronome
14. Mather Knoll
15. Over My Shoulder
16. Peeling Off The Bark
17. Morningtime
18. Recycling
19. Sunday
20. On Jet Lag
21. DAYS

1. Old Friends
2. Cadmium
3. Then Again
4. Aphasis
5. Visiting
6. Waveform
7. Size Of The Moon
8. New Friends

1. Visiting (Live)
2. Angelina (Live)
3. Old Friends (Live)
4. Aphasia (Live)
5. Recycling (Live)
6. Cadmium (Live)
7. Size Of The Moon (Live)
8. New Friends (Live)

1. Rings
2. Portal
3. Intrepid
4. Paterson & Leo
5. Angelina
6. Thanksgiving
7. Easy Enough
8. Darkness
9. Skylight
10. Amulets
11. Light On

Note: All proceeds go to Musicares, the American Foundation For Suicide Prevention, and the Voting Rights Project. I won't upload the files, but you can click the link to go their Bandcamp and pick up the album at a donate-what-you-can rate.


  1. Literally just saw this band live with The Sidekicks, TWIABPAIANLATD, and Into It. Over It.

  2. Pls pls pls do cursive

  3. yes pinegrove but do porches please :(((

  4. what happened to the cigarette machines?
    vaper tech

  5. Post bands from the Elephant 6 Collective
    And Anti-Folk from New York like Kimya Dawson and Jeffrey Lewis
    And The Cigarettes
    And Cleaners From Venus
    And Shelter
    And Cursive
    Love your blog, best wishes

  6. Can you please post an Audiotree live of Pinegrove? Thanks in advance!

  7. Would love some more by them!

  8. Please upload Pinegrove-Audiotree Live

  9. What bands are like Pinegrove?

  10. you're missing all their soundcloud songs, and it would probably be best to upload Evan's solo stuff too.