Friday, 8 April 2016


Baptists are a four-piece hardcore band from Vancouver, British Columbia that formed in 2010. Thus far they've put out two albums, both by Southern Lord Records and produced by Kurt Ballou. They've even garnered the interest of Dave Grohl, who mentioned his admiration for the band's drummer. As far as sound goes, Baptists play a dark, heavy, fast-paced brand of hardcore with some sludgy tones and guttural vocals. They're fairly comparable to the greatest band ever, Cursed. Baptists have a new album on the way this year, so be sure to look out for that. Enjoy.

1. Good Parenting
2. Farmed
3. Bachelor Degree Burn
4. Life Poser

1. Tourette's (Nirvana cover)

1. Betterment
2. Think Tank Breed
3. Bullets
4. In Droves
5. Still Melt
6. Mortarhead
7. Crutching Trails
8. Bushcraft
9. Soiled Roots
10. Russian Sprits
11. Abandon 

1. Chamber
2. Wanting
3. String Up
4. Closed Ports
5. Vistas
6. Harm Induction
7. Festered
8. Dissembler
9. Bloodmines
10. Calling
11. For Profit

1. Worse Than Hate
2. Absolved of Life / Spent Cells
3. Beacon of Faith
4. Gift Taker
5. Capsule
6. Outbreeding
7. Vicarious Trauma
8. Victim Service
9. Indigo Child
10. Eulogy Template
11. Bevel Down
12. Carbide
13. Nostrovia


  1. Definitely canadas second greatest export behind cursed of course.

  2. if you wanna hear more from drummer Nick Yacyshyn, check out Sumac.

  3. This site is killing! Dig into some old good stuff that I don't know before! Thanks!