Thursday, 11 February 2016


Pinkshinyultrablast are a five-piece shoegaze band from St. Petersburg, Russia that formed in 2007. I just found out they put an album out last year that I somehow completely missed, and have another new album coming out this month. This is mind-blowing since their debut EP is easily one of my favourite shoegaze releases in the past handful of years. I can't recommend it enough. It's got all the melody you'd expect, from the faint vocals to the clean, chorus and reverb-soaked guitars, and even all-out blasts of distortion to coat the shimmers of melody. All the obvious influences are in the mix, such as Slowdive, Cocteau Twins, Lush, Ride, you know the names. Happy Songs For Happy Zombies isn't reinventing any wheels, but it's definitely got an amazing motion to it. I cannot recommend enough to any fan of shoegaze, especially those who think the genre begins and ends with Loveless and Souvlaki, and anything after the turn of the century is irrelevant. I'm incredibly excited to give the album a listen, and just wanted to quickly throw a post up about them, so enjoy.

1. blaster
2. Deerland
3. Honeybee
4. Ode To Godzilla

1. Wish We Were
2. Holy Forest
3. Glitter
4. Metamorphosis
5. Umi
6. Land's End
7. Ravestar Supreme
8. Marigold

1. Initial
2. Grow Vastly
3. I Catch You Napping
4. Kiddy Pool Dreams
5. Comet Marbles
6. The Cherry Pit
7. Mölkky
8. Grandfeathered


  1. Thanks! Maybe post Lemuria sometime?

  2. thank you!!! love this band, also had no idea about album

  3. Thanks, this was the perfect thing to find at 4 am.

  4. Pinkshinyultrablast - grandfeathered

  5. everything else matters file is down.

  6. Someone has already posted a leak of it but don't forget their new LP, Grandfeathered. More noisy than the previous LP but still ethereal as fuck. There's also a dozen of remixs of some PSUB songs by themselves or by ambiant/electro artists.

    (I hope one day someone will made a cloud rap/psub-esque shoegaze crossover, it would be like a gift from god)

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  8. Don't forget their Holy Forest EP from 2015...