Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Junior Battles

Junior Battles are a four-piece pop punk band from Toronto, Ontario, that formed in 2007. They can finally be taken out of the "long overdue post" pile, since this one has been a long time coming. Junior Battles are an incredible band that are equal parts catchy and energetic. I saw them a few times a few years ago and every time they were phenomenal, and that definitely translates on to their recorded material.

They're the kind of band for people in the 20's who secretly still yearn for the "golden age" of their teen years, but are simultaneously kind of tongue-in-cheek about it. Their lyrics are definitely a big part of what makes them so good, since they're able to tell some very relatable stories in a fun, not-so-serious ways. They have two vocalists, which makes for some great harmonies that double the awesome of their already-catchy melodies. As far as sound goes, they keep it very varied, with each song standing out for a particular melody, riff, tone, or something very definitive that separates it from the rest. The Alkaline Trio influence is clearly prominent, though fans of bands like The Lawrence Arms or The Flatliners could also get on board with Junior Battles. They're upbeat, they're nostalgic, and a straight-up fun band to listen to. Enjoy.

1. We're Not Coming Down
2. Will & Words
3. Hotel Bibles
4. Rip It Up
5. Decades
6. Boats

1. Basements
2. Major Label Bidding War
3. Update Your Resume
4. Roads? Where We're Going, We Definitely Need Roads.

1. F.O.D. (Green Day)
2. Ghostin' (Con El Lobo Adolescente)

1. Passing Out

1. Seventeen
2. Twenty Five
3. Nostalgic At 23
4. "Ever get the feeling you've been cheated?"
5. Birthdayparties vs. Punkroutine
6. Alternate 1985
7. Send The Pilots Away
8. Architecture
9. With Honours
10. Living On The Future Of Feelings / No Plan
11. Passing Out
12. Radio

1. (You Will Score The Winning) Goal
2. Rafts
3. Three Whole Years
4. Bunk
5. Believe It Or Not, George Isn't Home
6. Every Town
7. TPS Reports
8. Assholes On Rollerblades
9. 27th Floor!
10. Architecture II - Future Music For The Children Of The Future
11. (You Are Very Good At) Sports


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  4. The guitarist has a cool youtube channel:

  5. Your taste is very similar to mine! Love JB, got to meet them and have a meal with the drummer at FEST, what a good band!!!

  6. Could you do the band these guys were originally in the band O Pioneers?