Thursday, 18 February 2016

Hotel Books

Hotel Books is a spoken-word project started by Cam Smith in Porterville, California in 2011. Their music is based on Smith's poetry, which is read over some ambient/indie instrumentals, which usually consists of some clean, noodly guitar sounds that are pretty commonplace for emo/math rock-esque bands. Hotel Books are definitely comparable to Listener, since they share the same basic concept of spoken word being accompanied by gentle instrumentals. Cam Smith's vocal delivery is also pretty similar to Dan Smith's. In all honesty, I'm not really into this band. Not that there's anything really wrong with them, I could just cannot get into them. However, they are by far one of the most requested bands I get, and their discography is small, so I see no reason not to share them with those of you looking for them. Enjoy.

1. Sometimes I Feel Like Nothing
2. Nothing Ever Changes
3. Changes Consume Me
4. I Always Thought I Would Be Okay
5. I Never Thought I Would Be Okay
6. Ghosts Can't Love (Part I)
7. MM/DD/YYYY (Part II)
8. Beliefs [Upon Contact]
9. Books [Anti- What Have You]
10. Car Crash
11. Boundless [MMXII Minus Two]
12. All My Friends Are Trees (Part III)
13. Faithless [Am I]
14. Hollow Light / Hollow Lover
15. Empty Courage / Empty Heart

1. Lose One Friend
2. Lose All Friends
3. Lose Yourself
4. Constant Collapse
5. Dreaming or Sinking
6. Two Eight One
7. America's Next Top Model
8. Cult Leader
9. Nicole
10. Lungs
11. Car Crash

1. Run Wild, Young Beauty
2. Constant Conclusions
3. July (Part One)
4. I Died With You
5. Nothing Was Different
6. Love Life, Let Go (feat. JT Woodruff)
7. 813 Maryland St.
8. Wooden Floorboards
9. Two Steps Back
10. Nothing Was The Same
11. August (Part Two)
12. Ten Steps Forward

1. Every Day, The Same
2. I Think You See Where This Is Headed
3. Where We Sleep Is Where We Dream
4. Constant Conflicts
5. Saltwater For Blood
6. Lesser
7. Friendly Crossfire
8. Can You Do Me A Kindness?
9. Alcoholocaust
10. Broke Love



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  4. Here's a b-side album very similar to Everything We Could've Done Differently, "This is All We Have" -
    And here's a single, "Jesus Freak" -
    And finally here's a couple live recordings -

    I can't seem to find "2013 Tour EP", "Amid the Beautiful Devastation" or "Call Me Human" (three older releases).

  5. yeesh, i'm pretty hipster with my taste in music and this is too pretentious for me

  6. EDIT: The first few tracks of This is All We Have were an EP, "Found Out I'm Not So Brave" (the remainder of the tracks on TiAWH can be found on Everything We Could Have Done Differently) -
    Found "2013 Tour EP", here's that -
    Also found their first album, "Call Me Human" -

    Amid the Beautiful Devastation can be found in its entirety on EWCHDD. To the best of my knowledge, that should be every release to date.

  7. Sometimes I feel like nothing 🌹

  8. Sometimes I feel like nothing 🌹

  9. You should look up Listener!!

  10. always felt everything about this band was just cliche

  11. I'm excited to read the run wild, young beauty. Thank you for this. I think my crush will notice me some of these days this week. We are in Widus Hotel and Casino Clark

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