Sunday, 3 May 2015

Andrew Jackson Jihad

Andrew Jackson Jihad (now officially shortened to AJJ) are a folk punk band from Phoenix, Arizona that formed in 2004. The band's main members are Sean Bonnette (vocals/guitar) and Ben Gallaty (bass/vocals). In addition to those two, they have a revolving door of collaborators, though have settled on a solid live line-up in the past few years. They've put out a ton of music (as you can see), and have worked with some incredibly notable labels such as Plan-It-X, Asian Man, and most recently, SideOneDummy.

Musically, they've progressed quite a bit since their early days. Their first few demos and first album, Candy Cigarettes And Cap Guns consisted of nothing but spastic acoustic guitar strumming and walking upright bass lines, plus some percussion and incredibly energetic vocals, which are incredibly distinct. Their early lyrics are very morbid and satirical, which would continue to be a major part of AJJ's sound. The band's sophomore album, People Who Can Eat People Are The Luckiest People In The World continued with the guitar/bass dynamic, but added a few more instruments, most prominently a banjo on some songs. The songwriting is more refined and focused on personal issues, though still has the same dark sense of humour. This is arguably their best album, but that is entirely up for debate, of course. Their third album, Can't Maintain is quite different from the prior ones. The most notable addition is the use of electric instruments, though almost all the songs are still acoustic, and very folky. The songs on this album are much sadder than the prior ones, and they started showing signs of emotion in their wit. Knife Man, the band's fourth album, is the one that really shed a light on them. It is a massive departure from their earlier stuff, since it used a ton of different instruments, and the punk influence really started to show on some of the songs. Lyrically, they've become experts on putting the world down, while bringing themselves down with it. In 2014, they released Christmas Island, which they recorded with their live band. Therefore, there's a lot of instrumentation on each of these songs, which is very different from their acoustic-only origins. This album is a lot more indie/pop orientated, as they experiment with new sounds and effects.

Andrew Jackson Jihad are one of the best bands in recent years that I could possibly recommend, and are definitely a personal favourite for me, as I'm sure they are for many of you. Their songwriting is incredibly captivating, and they have the ability to take traditional folk and punk chord progressions and turn them into ingenius songs about self-deprecation and introspection, but also social commentaries through wit and humour. Basically, they flat-out kick ass. I know there's a lot of material to go through, so I figured I'd mention the "essentials". They are their five full-lengths, Candy Cigarettes & Cap Guns, People Who Can Eat People Are The Luckiest People In The World, Can't Maintain, Knife Man, and Christmas Island. As for splits, the ones with Ghost Mice, Partners In 818, and O Pioneers!!! are probably best, and the essential EP's would be Only God Can Judge Me, French Quarter/French Jihad, and Operation Stackola. Regardless, best band, best jams, listen to it all, enjoy.

1. My Father Didn't Love Me
2. Ladykiller
3. The Cigarette Song
4. Who Would Jesus Fuck Up?

1. Dad
2. Ladykiller
3. Cigarette
4. Jesus
5. Smokin'
6. F.W.P.

1. Father
2. Ladykiller
3. Jesus
4. Cigarette
5. God Made Dirt

1. Cigarettes
2. Be Afraid Of Jesus
3. I Love You
4. Scenesters
5. Daddy Didn't Love Me
6. Fuck White People
7. God Made Dirt
8. Lady Killer
9. Fly My Ass
10. Most Aborted Father
11. You Don't Want To Fuck With Me

1. Brave As A Noun
2. Survival
3. Murderer
4. People
5. Randy's House
6. Power Plant

1. Ladykiller
2. Survival Song
3. Scene Unity
4. Be Afraid Of Jesus
5. Bad Bad Things
6. Love Song Medley
7. People
8. Going to Georgia (The Mountain Goats cover)
9. Personal Space Invader

1. Intro
2. Smoking Again
3. Fresh
4. Skipping Stone
5. Another Beer
6. Neber
7. Sheriff Ochs
8. Quarter
9. Fucking Science
10. DPS

1. Skipping Stone
2. Bang, Bang, Bang
3. Wild Birds
4. Rejoice
5. Waltz
6. Nature
7. No More Tears
8. Bells & Whistles
9. Buffalo
10. LA
11. Let's Get Murdered
12. Mental Health Waltz
13. Murderer
14. No Mas Tears
15. People
16. Personal
17. Posicore
18. Powerplant
19. Real Suck Cess
20. Suck Cess
21. Survival

1. Andrew Jackson Jihad - Little Brother
2. Andrew Jackson Jihad - The Pacific To Be Specific
3. Andrew Jackson Jihad - Rejoice!
4. Andrew Jackson Jihad - Ryan Stephenson Is: "Nature's President"
5. Andrew Jackson Jihad - Una Mas Cerveza Por Favor
6. Andrew Jackson Jihad - Freedom Tickler
7. Flaspar - Starting Over
8. Flaspar - Sharp Angles
9. Flaspar - Self-Described
10. Flaspar - Bye Bye Succubi
11. Golden Boots - Blue Light City
12. Golden Boots - Ghost Machine
13. Golden Boots - Population Loan
14. Golden Boots - It's A Wonderful Lie
15. Golden Boots - Little Bird
16. Golden Boots - Magnolia Sunset
17. Golden Boots - Rats From The Hounds
18. Golden Boots - Rotten Fruit
19. Golden Boots - Heave Ho
20. Golden Boots - Sacred Thing

1. Andrew Jackson Jihad - Little Prince (El Principito)
2. Andrew Jackson Jihad - We Shall All Die Along Some Day
3. Andrew Jackson Jihad - Forest Fire
4. Andrew Jackson Jihad - Let Us Get Murdered
5. Andrew Jackson Jihad - Lightning Bolt
6. Andrew Jackson Jihad - All The Dead Kids
7. Andrew Jackson Jihad - Unicorn
8. Andrew Jackson Jihad - Power Plant
9. Ghost Mice - Oh Me, Oh Me
 10. Ghost Mice - The Moon Will Rise
11. Ghost Mice - Song For Tomorrow
12. Ghost Mice - Survival
13. Ghost Mice - Cementville
14. Ghost Mice - Critical Hit
15. Ghost Mice - This Heart Of Mine
16. Ghost Mice - Please Quit Smoking Mom

1. Rejoice!
2. Brave As A Noun
3. Survival
4. Bad Bad Things
5. No More Tears
6. Bells & Whistles
7. Randy's House
8. A Song Dedicated to the Memory of Stormy the Rabbit
9. People II: The Reckoning
10. Personal Space Invader
11. People

1. David J. Is A Sickness
2. Love My Children

1. Andrew Jackson Jihad - Deep Dark Basement
2. Andrew Jackson Jihad - Hate And Kill
3. Andrew Jackson Jihad - S.O.S.
4. Partners In 818 - Dogless, Not Topless
5. Partners In 818 - Roop + Charlie
6. Partners In 818 - Red Shark VS Levinia

8. Dipping Things In Stuff

1. Darkest Heart
2. Jesus Saves
3. Humans Kittens
4. Growing Up
5. Candle In The Wind (Ben's Song)
6. Guilt: The Song
7. I Am So Mad At You

1. Andrew Jackson Jihad - Two-Headed Boy (Neutral Milk Hotel cover)
2. Cobra Skulls - Subterranean Homesick Blues (Bob Dylan cover)

1. Andrew Jackson Jihad - Island Song
2. Andrew Jackson Jihad - Growing Up (Early Version)
3. Apocalypse Meow - Rehab
4. Apocalypse Meow - Where Would Jesus Work?

1. Mischief Brew - Punx Win (Electric)
2. Mischief Brew - Punx Win (Acoustic)
 3. Andrew Jackson Jihad - If Jeff Swiney Had A Hammer (Electric)
4. Andrew Jackson Jihad - If Jeff Swiney Had A Hammer (Acoustic)

1. 'Nother Beer
2. Still Smokin'
3. Lucky Strike (Foot Ox)
4. Deep Dark Basement (Spacejam Dub)
5. Sense & Sensibility
6. Ziggy Stardust (David Bowie cover)
7. Bold With Fire (French Quarter)
8. Skipping Stone

1. Troublemake - Use Six Or Seven Times And Destroy
2. The Legendary San Diego Chargers - Fred And The Kids Are Dead
3. Shang-a-Lang - Don't Bring Him Around
4. Andrew Jackson Jihad - You May Be Right

1. Jesus Saves
2. People II: The Reckoning
3. Rejoice
4. Heartilation
5. Power Plant
6. People

1. Heartilation
2. Self Esteem
3. Love In The Time Of Human Papillomavirus
4. Evil
5. You Don't Deserve Yourself
6. Odle(y) Tyme(y)
7. Kazoo Sonata In C Major
8. We Didn't Come Here To Rock
9. Truckers Are The Blood
10. Love Will Fuck Us Apart
11. Sense, Sensibility
12. Who Are You?
13. White Face, Black Eyes

1. Andrew Jackson Jihad - There's No War In This Love
2. Andrew Jackson Jihad - Fffiresttartterrr
3. The Gunshy - Thanks Buddy
4. The Gunshy - Only Sean Can Judge Me

1. Father's Day - America's Toughest Sheriff
2. Porches - Fascist Burritos
3. Treasure Mammal - Arpayaso
4. Andrew Jackson Jihad - Joe Arpaio Is A Punk

1. Smokin'
2. Jesus
3. Darling, I Love You
4. Scenesters
5. Daddy
6. FWP
7. God Made Dirt
8. Ladykiller
9. Love Song
10. Cigarette
11. Dylan Cook's Theme Song
12. Brave As A Noun
13. Survival
14. Bad Stuff
15. People
16. Randall's House
17. Powerplant
18. I'm Going To Love My Children
19. David J Is A Sickness
20. Pacific To Be Specific
21. Little Brother
22. The Freedom Tickler

1. O Pioneers!!! - Get Rich Or Die Trying Part 2: Forever
2. O Pioneers!!! - Oak Island
3. O Pioneers!!! - Party Time, Yeah
4. Andrew Jackson Jihad - This Is Why I'm Hot
5. Andrew Jackson Jihad - ¡Esto Es Lo Quiero!
6. Andrew Jackson Jihad - We're All Gonna Die

1. The Michael Jordan of Drunk Driving
2. Gift Of The Magi 2: Return Of The Magi
3. American Tune
4. Back Pack
5. Distance
6. Fucc The Devil
7. Hate, Rain On Me
8. Track 8
9. No One
10. Sad Songs (Intermission)
11. Zombie By The Cranberries By Andrew Jackson Jihad
12. People II: Still Peoplin'
13. Sorry Bro
14. Skate Park
15. Free Bird
16. Big Bird

1. Welcome to Daytrotter
2. Heartilation
3. Skipping Stone
4. Hate, Rain On Me
5. Roll Another Number

1. This Is Not A War

1. Hate Song For Brains
2. If Jeff Swiney Had A Hammer
3. Dipping Things In Stuff
4. Hate Stick Hard Party 2
5. Lady Liberty
6. This Is Not A War
7. Joe Arpaio is a Punk
8. Deep Dark Basement
9. Hate + Kill
10. S.O.S. (Off With Their Heads)
11. Fortune Teller (Kepi Ghoulie)
12. Black Dog
13. Love Will Fuck Us Apart
14. Lookin' For Love (Neil Young cover)
15. Drink Another Beer
16. Still Smokin'
17. Lucky Strike (Foot Ox)
18. Deep Dark Basement (Space Jam Dub)
19. Sense + Sensibility
20. Ziggy Starudst (David Bowie cover)
21. Bold With Fire (French Quarter)
22. Skipping Stone

14. Alpha Rats Nest (The Mountain Goats cover)

1. We Didn't Come Here To Rock
2. Distance
3. Inner City Basehead History Teacher
4. You Don't Deserve Yourself
5. Sad Songs
6. I Am So Mad At You
7. Kokopelli Face Tattoo
8. Gift of The Magi 2: Return Of The Magi
9. People II: The Reckoning
10. Bad Bad Things
11. Back Pack
12. Fucc The Devil
13. American Tune
14. Rejoice
15. #armageddon
16. Sense & Sensibility
17. Black Dog
18. People II: Still Peoplin'
19. Heartilation
20. Hate & Kill
21. A Song Dedicated To The Memory Of Stormy The Rabbit
22. Hate, Rain On Me
23. Love Will Fuck Us Apart
24. El Principito
25. Big Bird

1. Temple Grandin
2. Children Of God
3. Do, Re, And Me
4. Coffin Dance
5. Getting Naked, Playing With Guns
6. I Wanna Rock Out In My Dreams
7. Kokopelli Face Tattoo
8. Best Friend
9. Linda Ronstadt
10. Deathlessness
11. Temple Grandin Too
12. Angel of Death

1. All The Dead Kids / VNICRØN

1. Cody's Theme
2. Golden Eagle
3. Junkie Church
4. American Garbage
5. No More Shame, No More Fear, No More Dread
6. Goodbye, Oh Goodbye
7. White Worms
8. My Brain Is A Human Body
9. Terrifyer
10. Small Red Boy
11. When I'm A Dead Boy

1. American Body Rentals
2. Blood, Hatred, Money And Rage 2
3. Border Patrol (Yuma)
4. My Crooked Leg
5. Fuckboi


  1. Could you do poison the well or misery signals?

  2. A Cheap Girls discog would be hella.

  3. If you could do Cults that would be awesome, they only have two albums that I know of out!

  4. FUCK. YES. GREAT. I saw them in LA for the last show of their tour. It was everything plus

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  6. I think they recently (within the last couple of months) decided to officially change their name from Andrew Jackson Jihad to AJJ. Just a heads up!

  7. When is their new album gonna be up tho

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  10. Thanks man. I really appreciate your work collecting all this here.

  11. Dude, thanks for putting this up because I fucking love this band and

  12. All time favorite band, thank you very much for helping me keep my unhealthy obsession alive <3