Friday, 15 May 2015


CHON are a four-piece math rock/progressive band from San Diego, California that formed in 2008. They play an intricate style of music which is mostly clean and melodic, and predominantly instrumental. They released their debut album Grow this year, and have gained a ton of attention from it, and rightfully so. It's a solid 12 tracks from front to back, and I definitely recommend giving it a listen. They also self-released two EP's in the past few years, and a demo way back when they first formed. Thanks to Jacob Shumaker for the help with this post, and enjoy.

1. Across The Spectrum
2. Mountains of Creations
3. Temporary Destabilized
4. Elliptical Illuminations
5. O.G
6. The Perfect Pillow
7. Breathe

Note: Only the first 4 tracks are on the demo, the last 3 appeared on other things that I have little information on, so any insight into those would be appreciated

1. Potion
2. Puddle
3. Fluffy
4. Bubble Dream
5. wut the.. (poop)
6. Dew
7. Frosting
8. Newborn Sun

1. Super Potion
2. Knot
3. Ecco
4. Sketch
5. Dust
6. Suda

1. Drift
2. Story
3. Fall
4. Book
5. Can't Wait
6. Suda
7. Knot
8. Moon
9. Splash
10. Perfect Pillow
11. Echo
12. But

1. Sleepy Tea
2. Waterslide
3. Berry Streets (feat. GoYama)
4. No Signal
5. Checkpoint
6. Nayhoo (feat. Masego & Lophiile)
7. Here and There
8. The Space
9. Feel This Way (feat. Giraffage)
10. Continue?
11. Glitch (feat. ROM)
12. Wave Bounce


  1. Can you please do Old Wounds next?

  2. Thanks For This Post, I discover Here a good & technical group in a fine style...

  3. hey there! You asked for some insight on the last three tracks of the 2008 demo, well here's what i got:

    tracks 6 & 7, The Perfect Pillow & Breathe were from a 2010 demo
    tracks 5, O.G is from a 2011 demo

    Thanks for your awesome blog!!!

  4. Can you PLEASE do Polyphia sometime soon?

  5. Link of Grow is dead, please release again?.

  6. Hello, can you please add their latest release 'Homey' ? Thank you very much!