Friday, 1 June 2012

Joie De Vivre

Joie De Vivre are a five-piece band from Rockford, Illinois who play Mid-Western emo a la American Football, Mineral, etc. What more can be said? I don't mean to dismiss or pigeonhole them, but that's what they do. And they do it quite well, I must say.  According to their Facebook, they formed in December 2007. However, I don't think they formally released anything until 2009. After that, they released an onslaught of sad songs for us to enjoy (if such a word is appropriate). They broke up for the better part of 2011, but are now back and have just put out another beautiful record, as well as doing some touring. Check 'em out.

1. Magnet
2. Local Local
3. Sundays
4. Handshakes
5. It's Fiction
6. That's The Hot Part
7. This Ship Has Sailed

1. Summer In New London
2. Salt
3. Sundays
4. Upper Deck San Diego
5. Next Will Be Better
6. One In The Same
7. I'll Support That
8. The North End
9. Praise Songs
10. We're Equals
11. Autumn In New London

1. Madja Look (We Don't Like Your Band
2. Tails For Tonic
Note: I think these were included on the Japanese version of this album. There is also a demo including songs from The North End. If any has/knows about it, your sharing would be greatly appreciated. 

1. Vicodin Lite
2. You Ruined Everything That Was Ever Good
3. Another Month, Another Season

1. Handshakes
2. You Ruined Everything That Was Ever Good
3. I'll Support That

1. Sleep Bellum Sonno - All I Can See Is An Open Road
2. Sleep Bellum Sonno - Do You Hear That Old Ship's Song
3. Joie De Vivre - Of Up And Coming Monarchs (Pedro The Lion cover)
4. Joie De Vivre - You Ruined Everything That Was Ever Good
5. Joie De Vivre - Another Month, Another Season

1. You Ruined Everything That Was Ever Good
2. Salt/Magnet
3. banter1
4. Sundays
5. banter2
6. That's The Hot Part
7. banter3
8. Vicodin Lite
9. banter4
10. Local Local
11. banter5
12. This Ship Has Sailed
13. banter6
14. Upper Deck San Diego
15. banter7
16. Praise Song
17. banter8
18. One In The Same
19. banter9
20. I'll Support That
21. banter10
22. Madja Look
23. banter11
24. Another Month, Another Season
25. banter12
26. Handshakes
27. brandon forgets sleep bellum sonno
28. Tails For Tonic
29. banter13
30. Autumn In New London
31. Palisade (Mineral cover) The End

1. Hit Me With Your Best Schott

1. Annabel - Decisions, Decisions
2. Empire! Empire! (I Was A Lonely Estate) - The Horror of Riovanes
3.  Joie De Vivre - Vicodin Lite
4. The Reptilian - Eddie's Lane

1. Salt (acoustic)
2. Vicodin Lite (acoustic)
3. Autumn In New London (acoustic)
4. Upper Deck San Diego (acoustic)
5. Canaries (Kind Of Like Spitting cover)
6. You Ruined Everything That Was Ever Good (Anthony Sanders)
7. Sundays (feat. Geoff Schott)
8. Sundays (Emo Side Project)
9. Local Local (Haunted Hayrides)
10. I'll Support That (Warren Franklin)
11. Magnet (live)

Note: "When we broke up we released this casette...some acoustic songs and some covers done by friends. Enjoy."

1. At Least I Tried
2. I'd Be Upset If I Broke Up With Me Too
3. I Was Sixteen Ten Years Ago
4. Maybe People Do Change
5. Wait Wait Wait... How Soon IS Now?
6. I Guess Not
7. That Dude Leads A Depressing Life
8. Going To A Going Away Party
9. Who Cares
10. Robert Muldoon
11. High School Me Would Have Been Pumped

1. Joie De Vivre - Annaballin
2. The Please And Thank Yous - Friends First
3. Emo Side Project - You Thought You Could Beat Me in a Game of Skip-it. You Were Wrong. 

1. Mint Car (The Cure cover)

1. Joie De Vivre - Martin Part
2. Joie De Vivre - Tenstopet
3. Joie De Vivre - Good Morning Mr. Franklin
4. Prawn - Why You Always Leave A Note
5. Prawn - Fracture

1. Empire! Empire! (I Was A Lonely Estate) - Since You Left Home On Your Journey, Things Have Changed Around Here
2. Empire! Empire! (I Was A Lonely Estate) - Some Doors Aren't Locked. They Open Without A Key
3. Joie De Vivre - It Can Be Comforting
4. Joie De Vivre - April, 2009


  1. Who's this Geoff Schott guy that got featured on one of the "Breaking Up with Joie De Vivre" songs?

    1. He's in Joie De Vivre now, though I'm not sure if he always was. He's also in The Please And Thank Yous, as well as a solo project called Sweatertooth. Also, I'm working on your request for a post on The Story So Far. I haven't forgotten, it's just taking a while. I'll have it up soon, sorry about that :)

  2. i can get the north end demos, and the Live show that was on Side B of the cassette version of The North end if you'd like!

    1. yo please get those north end demos!

  3. hahahaha Mint Car ( the cure's cover) artwork is so funny